SP1 fixes undocumented flaw...

source: Inquier

MICROSOFT'S RUSH to get Windows XP SP1 out and about may have been motivated by a desire to hide a vulnerability afflicting the operating system (cough) that allows hackers to delete files from a computer accessing a tweaked web page.
According to this Spanish-language site, a Googled translation of which is here, "a defect in Windows XP allows that anyone can erase archives of our computer if click becomes on a connection maliciously constructed, as much when visiting a malignant Web site, like a receiving a message with format HTML". Sorry about the language, but you get the picture.

A reader writes a little more clearly that this vulnerability allows the files contained in any specified directory on your system to be deleted if you click on a specially-formed URL. He points to Gibson Research here, where they warn, "This URL could appear anywhere: sent in malicious eMail, in a chat room, in a newsgroup posting, on a malicious web page, or even executed when your computer merely visits a malicious web page. It is likely to be widely exploited soon."

This is a critical vulnerability and one Microsoft has done its best to keep secret, it seems.

Another reader tells us he saw a report on TechTV, the background to which they give here where they state that Microsoft has known about the flaw for some 11 weeks but kept the lid on it because it is so easy to exploit.

Microsoft urges Windows XP users to download the Service Pack and install it as quickly as possible. You can find that here . It's a large file, though, and CD versions are only available on the US and Canada at the moment, according to Microsoft.

The advice from various sources for users unable to install the Service Pack is to find and rename the affected file uplddrvinfo.htm.

Still have annoying "For testing purposes only" on desktop?

Thanks Bob for this tip.

You installed the final of WindowsXP sp1 and still have "for testing purposes only on your desktop?
That is because you installed a leaked beta of Media Player 9, you naughty boy or girl.

This is how to get rid of it:

Go to start, run, type in: certmgr.msc
and press enter, then lookup this (see pic)  delete it and reboot.

Delivers more entertainment choicesMedia Center; useless?

from ZDnet

"The first Media Center machines, due before Christmas from HP, also come with a DVD burner. That combination means you can copy TV programs you've recorded using the PVR features from your hard drive to DVD. THAT'S WHERE the catch comes in: The DVDs you burn can only be played on the same machine on which they were recorded.

I'll pause now to let you reread that last sentence because you couldn't believe your eyes the first time through. "

Continue on ZDnet

Windows XP sp1 site up

Microsoft continually works to improve its software. As part of this effort, we develop updates and fixes to recognized issues and release them for customers. On a regular basis, we combine many of these fixes into a single package and make the package available for you to install on your computers. These packages are called Service Packs.

Windows XP Service Pack 1 (SP1) provides the latest security and reliability updates to the Windows XP family of operating systems. Windows XP SP1 is designed to ensure Windows XP platform compatibility with newly released software and hardware, and includes updates that resolve issues discovered by customers or by Microsoft's internal testing team. To determine whether to install Windows XP SP1, we recommend reviewing the Windows XP documentation and information below.

Express Install Express Installation
Use the Express installation if you have only one computer to upgrade to SP1. Get more information about SP1 and instructions on how to install it.
Network installation Network Installation
The Network Installation is ideal for IT professionals installing SP1 on multiple computers. Get more information about SP1 and instructions on how to deploy it.

View the official sp1 page for list of fixes and deployment methods


Get Internet Explorer 6 SP1Get Internet Explorer 6 SP1

In sync with winXP sp1, now IE6 sp1 is released.

Internet Explorer 6 Service Pack 1 (SP1) is the most recent version of the Internet Explorer 6 core technologies in Windows® XP Home Edition and Windows® XP Professional. Internet Explorer 6 Service Pack 1 provides a private, reliable, and flexible browsing experience and the freedom to experience the best of the Internet for users of Windows XP, Windows® Millennium Edition (Windows Me), Windows® 2000, Windows® 98, and Windows NT® 4.0 Service Pack 6a. Total download size for a typical installation is approximately 25 megabytes (MB). However, because setup downloads only those files that are necessary for your computer, this size can vary between 11 and 75 MB.

For a list of issues that are addressed in Internet Explorer 6 SP1, read Microsoft Knowledge Base (KB) Article 326489.

Download English & German

To get complete version of IE6sp1:

First create a folder c:\ie6,

then download the above file to that folder

Start the run dialog and type this command WITH quotes!!

"C:\ie6\ie6setup.exe" /c:"ie6wzd.exe /d /s:""#E"

more info here

Server 2003 beta build 3676 leaked

According to the guys at Winbeta.org build 3676 leaked to the Internet. The build seems to be made on August 28th.

No new features will be in it just bugfixes, another step to RC2                        Screenshot here


Sent to me via email. It seems WindowsXP.nu was first with this, now all news sites talk about it...

This was posted on the Australian Office Website

Important news for customers who purchased a Microsoft Office XP Subscription In May 2001, we introduced Office XP Subscription, a way to license Office on an annual subscription basis. Our recent product evaluations have shown that while customers do find this model useful, there is confusion around the exact mechanics of this subscription model, and on this basis we are discontinuing the program. To minimise inconvenience, we are offering subscription customers a replacement copy of Office XP (perpetual version) at no additional charge. This version will never expire and is eligible for future product upgrades. For details on obtaining your replacement copy of Office XP , please call 1800 642 008. (Australia)

Hardware from Microsoft

Activewin got hold of a High Resolution picture of Blue Tooth hardware, lot of people think that new "Blue" mouse from MS uses Bluetooth technology, that is not true, they use the "old" wireless technology.  but this set does use it and responding to the article on WinInformant "BlueTooth stupidity" this set is BLUE

pic = 1.33 MB

HP Windows Media Center

Hewlett-Packard Co. unveiled the first of its "Freestyle" enabled PCs, now officially known as the Windows XP Media Center Edition.

While "Freestyle" represents Microsoft's latest attempts to fuse creativity with computing—Microsoft executives called this "life immersion" at its WinHEC conference in March—the PC also represents a chance for HP to bundle in some higher-margin components. Prices will range from between $1,500 to $2,000, the upper echelons of PC pricing.

source and full story

click image for larger pic

version 8 nearly done

Found this via Winbeta.org

" I recently talked to an MSN Tech Rep, Sheridan, and he/she told me that MSN 8 was ready to be released and that it will be released October 24th. Also, MSN Hotmail will get a new look at the beginning of 2003, along with other MSN channels getting a new look hopefully with MSN 8 release. Hotmail will be releasing late, because they are having a problem getting the design together. Also MSN Entertainment has hired 40 new workers to continue to provide MSN 8 users with the best in Entertainment and MSN Entertainment's new look will be designed by the same design group that designed MSN Music."

source: Monkeyboy's Forums Powered by Bananas

MSN Messenger 5.0.0515 leaked

Friday another build leaked, works without patching.

get it:


WinXP sp1 on MS Download

English: http://download.microsoft.com/download/whistler/SP/SP1/WXP/en-us/xpsp1_en_x86.exe

french: http://download.microsoft.com/download/whistler/SP/SP1/WXP/fr/xpsp1_fr_x86.exe

German: http://download.microsoft.com/download/whistler/SP/SP1/WXP/de/xpsp1_de_x86.exe


SP1 is also posted for the official Beta testers and MSDN, MSDN has an sp1 ISO (290MB), also containing .NET Framework stuff.

Also new ISO's are on MSDN which contain sp1 slipstreamed WindowsXP CD-image

Let Freestyle and TabletPC show up in SP1

source: Activewin.com

"I just did a fresh install of WinXP and immediately installed sp1 (build 1106). After that, i started tweaking and performed the hack that allows hidden options in the "add/remove windows components" to show up. I opened up the sysoc.inf (in C:/Windows/inf) and was surprized by what i found.

There existed mysterious entries for TabletPC and Freestyle! Enabling the TabletPC entry produced only one of several blank add/remove options. However, unhiding "Freestyle" added an option to install/uninstall Freestyle. By default, it seems to be installed (or at least the checkbox checked).

I looked at some of the files mentioned in sysoc.inf and they look EXTREMELY interesting (the Tabletpc.inf file looks like it installs all of the TabletPC features and the Freestyle inf file includes a lot of insteresting stuff itself).

Here is the stuff from the sysoc.inf file:


[Global] WindowTitle=%WindowTitle% WindowTitle.StandAlone="*"

[Components] Freestyle=medctroc.dll,MedCtrOCISetupProc,medctroc.inf,,7


[Components] msnexplr=ocmsn.dll,OcEntry,msnmsn.inf,,7

[Strings] WindowTitle="Windows Professional Setup" WindowTitle_Standalone="Windows Components Wizard"

In the Tabletpc.inf file there was 2 references cdname ="Windows XProfessional CD2" SHORTCUT_NAME_INKBALL = "InkBall" and and in the medctroc.inf cd2name = "Windows XP Professional CD2" netfxpath = "Microsoft.NET\Framework\v1.0.3705" Sample_TV = "Recorded TV" Sample_Pictures = "My Pictures\Sample Pictures"

You can click on the headline to see Freestyle listed in the Add/Remove programs. Anyone else done this and able to shed light on this? If so then post in the comments below.

sp1 real final soon

English and German were available, so expect the official publication soon, seems a logical event after XP sp1 was done.

Users with XP sp1 won't need this update cause it is included in xpsp1.


XP sp1 premier download available again

Get it here: http://premierdownload.microsoft.com/download/whistler/SP/SP1/WXP/EN-US/xpsp1_en_x86.exe

 Download XP SP1 1106 German


XP Security fix:IE SSL man-in-the-middle

This update resolves the "Certificate Validation Flaw Could Enable Identity Spoofing" vulnerability in Windows XP. Download now to prevent an attacker from attempting identity spoofing using certificates.

System Requirements

Windows XP Professional, Windows XP Home Edition

Operating System - Windows XP

Download Now Q328145_WXP_SP2_x86_ENU.exe - 483 Kb     <------------------------------------------this is a Post SP1 or Pre SP2 Hotfix.....

see bullitin for fixes for other win OSes. (Win2k is not done yet)

Symantec Norton Anti Virus 2003 released

source Winbeta.org

Go to the site

Get the official Beta1 of WMP9

Beta1 is build 2799 (weird last week build 2848 leaked) But this one is official, get it here

Update from Winbeta.org: Update: If you're installing the new public beta 2799 over leaked, newer build 2848, it will appear to install, but will keep the 2848 build. Only a fresh install of 2799 will produce the older build.

See some cool demo's here

Download Media Series 9 Encoder here

Windows Media Format 9 series SDK

Windows Media Player 9 Series SDK

Here Comes Windows Media 9 Series

source: Wininformant

Late today (US time), Microsoft will unveil the Beta 1 release of Windows Media Player 9, a significant upgrade over the Media Player for Windows XP product the company is now shipping as part of Windows XP, as well as a host of other Windows Media 9 Series products that run the gamut from server-side content delivery to local media encoding. Windows Media 9 Series is the company's most comprehensive multimedia product launch ever.
"Windows Media 9 Series is, by far, the most important platform we've ever worked on," said Dave Fester, the General Manager of the Windows Digital Media Division at Microsoft, noting that previous products, such as Windows Media 7 and 8, didn't provide upgrades for all of the Windows Media products that the company produces. "Now we're bringing it all together."

Windows Media 9 Series consists of new versions of the all-in-one Windows Media Player, impressive new Windows Media Audio and Video codecs, Windows Media Encoder for encoding content in the new formats, Windows Media Software Development Kit (SDK) for developers, and Windows Media Services, which will ship as part of Windows .NET Server later this year. Many of the improvements in this revision are based around the player, which will be almost infinitely configurable; attempts at making streaming media over the Web more TV-like; and the new audio and video codecs, which will bring DVD and movie theatre-like experiences to the PC for the first time.

Windows Media 9 Series will be launched today at a lavish event in Los Angeles, which will trigger the public availability of Windows Media Player 9 Beta 1. I'll have a full review of the entire Windows Media 9 Series suite available on the SuperSite for Windows starting tomorrow.

winXP sp1 issues

An official BTS (Beta Technology Support) document from ms:

Its a list of headers from a document containing all the known windows xp sp1 issue and how to cure them.

See the doc here Get the word doc

Source: Gladdy Media via Winbeta.org

Tablet PC pics

Donno if these were published before, but what the heck

Coming to a classroom near you -- a Microsoft Windows XP-powered tablet PC By using a digital pen, users of the tablet PCs can write e-mail messages into the computer. Using tablet PCs, students could send their work into teachers over the internet for corrections and comments.
                                    click to enlarge. Source Wired via WMLAH

Dutch OfficeXP sp2 available

Thanks Richard, OfficeXP sp2 is available in dutch now, maybe in more languages just try it with your country code.


Delivers more entertainment choicesFreestyle will be supported on every TV in 2 years?

WinSuperSite.com interviewed General Manager, User Experience of the just released Freestyle, there is a nice part in it:

"One of the most significant things over the next two years is that we're going to upgrade Media Center to support every TV in the house. What that will mean is that all of your digital pictures, music, and videos will be available from any TV in the house. Suddenly, the power of the PC is projected throughout the house, and I think that will be very, very compelling."

Read whole interview

11 Beta program starting soon

Thanks Stephen for this. MS sent out an email to testers who have been accepted in the Office11 program:

We are writing to let you know that you have been accepted into the Office 11 Individual Evaluation Program for the upcoming Office 11 beta this Fall! You will be hearing more about the beta soon, but we wanted to keep you informed about your status in the program. We're very excited about this next version of Office and think you will be also.

Thank you for your interest in providing feedback on our products, and taking time to be involved in this way. You'll be hearing from us again when the beta kits are shipped, and again, thank you for being an Office 11 beta evaluator.

The Microsoft Office Team

Longhorn to have managed interfaces

SOURCE: TheInquirer
Longhorn will have "managed interfaces" and that this refers to the Win32/64 API operating system interfaces, suggesting a comprehensive shake up in the software.
Currently the W32/64 application programming interfaces (API) are written in C++ and not considered "type safe".

.NET is "managed code", and has type safe interfaces but Microsoft appears to want to migrate these into the future OS, which is scheduled to be in the hands of early testers around this time next year.

Only .NET Framework, which is CLR-based code, uses "type safe" managed code. But Microsoft has somewhat modified its stance on this. It told developers in July 2000 at an Orlando bash that this would happen when "Blackcomb" was released. But Blackcomb hasn't been released, although it is supposed to be available by now. Microsoft needs to change the API on all the elements of its .somewhat .confusing .NET strategy.

Natural MultiMedia KeyboardNotebook Optical MouseMicrosoft Rolls Out Largest Collection of Desktop Peripherals in Company History

REDMOND, Wash. -- Sept. 3, 2002 -- Microsoft Corp. points the way to unprecedented desktop performance, comfort and style today as it unveils the largest collection of new mice and keyboards in its Hardware Group's 20-year history. Microsoft is offering seven new products to appeal to a wide variety of users. The new desktop peripherals are organized into three lines -- fun, sophisticated and serious -- according to users' computing style and preferred activities. Click images for laaaarge pics.

View whole press release             And another one

MS Releases winXP sp1 on the web for Premier Support, but you can get it too!

MS Premier Support partners can download winXP sp1 today, but the url works for everyone withouthaving to log on!

Get it here: http://premierdownload.microsoft.com/download/whistler/SP/SP1/WXP/EN-US/xpsp1_en_x86.exe

 Download XP SP1 1106 German   

Delivers more entertainment choicesMicrosoft Releases Windows XP Media Center Edition

Monday morning, Microsoft announced the completion of Windows XP Media Center Edition, which will power new media center PCs from companies such as Hewlett-Packard and Samsung beginning next month. XP Media Center is the latest Windows version, and one of several products which rely on XP Service Pack 1 (SP1), which was finalized last week. XP Media Center adds a friendly interface on top of XP SP1 that allows consumers to access multimedia experiences--such as digital music, photos and videos, DVD movies, TV, and digital video recording--using a remote control and, optionally, a TV set.

"Windows XP Media Center Edition is an example of the amazing innovation to continue to make the PC an even more central part of people's lives," said Jim Allchin, Microsoft group vice president of Windows. "We're thrilled that industry leaders share Microsoft’s vision for a new category of media center PCs. Thanks to the hard work and collaboration of our industry supporters and partners, we anticipate that the media center PC will be at the top this years holiday wish lists."

"We wanted to make it simple, easy to use, convenient, and friendly, and make the Media Center feel as good as any consumer electronics device," Joe Belfiore, General Manager, User Experience, at Microsoft's Windows eHome Division told me last week in an exclusive interview. "We were very disciplined about simplicity. It was a key focus for us when we designed the Media Center interface."

In addition to the PC makers that will deliver media center PCs, Microsoft worked with several third party hardware manufacturers that created supporting technology, including microprocessor makers Intel and AMD, Dolby Laboratories, video card makers ATI and NVIDIA, DVD and MPEG-2 decoder makers Cyberlink and Intervideo, TV capture tuner card makers eMuzed and Hauppauge, and others.

Later today, a complete interview with Joe Belfiore will be available on the SuperSite for Windows.

source www.wininformant.com

See MS Press Release

242 Windows Update to Version 5

With XP SP1, in 242 days WU (Windows Update) v5 will come online. When you go to WU with a clock set that far ahead it checks V5 servers instead of V4.

As the database is currently empty, it just won't do anything. So, in a nutshell, WU is simply disabled in 242 days because the WU servers have not updated to v5 yet. With XP SP1, by 242 days WU (Windows Update) v5 will come online.

source: www.winbeta.org

Rumours that with v5 the pirated generated corpkeys will be checked can't be confirmed yet, we'll see in 241 days.... see post below this one

An Opinion on WinXP sp1 & Keys

Interesting article on MS and pirated keys:

Windows XP and Service Pack 1: Why The XP Keygen Won’t Help… For Long J

found this via www.winbeta.org

3 new version of Visual Studio in the next few years

source: MSDN via www.iexbeta.com
user posted image

More info at MSDN site.

winXP sp1 gold! build 1106, get it now!

Just a week later then the 1 year milestone of Windows XP becoming gold (RTM) in August last year. The anniversary gift is SP1!

SP1 final build is 1106,

"Windows XP Service Pack 1 can be downloaded for free or ordered on CD beginning September 9th."

2 NEW LINKS: http://burn.criticaldamage.com/win/WinXP-SP1.exe                  http://www.teraserver.com.ar/peliculas/xpsp1-1106.exe Thanks PSXER and Robert


Download Windows XP SP1 Final (Build 1106) Thanks to iexbeta.com (maybe down)

Fast link (thanks to www.msfn.org)

Another fast link


Fileconnect's mirrors

MS Press Release: Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack Provides Enhanced User Experience

What key did you use to install win XP? Get this tool

You have genuine XP but accidently used pirated key? Change it back to genuine key before installing sp1 ! Here is how

Windows XP sp1 RTW on September 9th!

SP1 will be released to the web on September 9th according to MS Website.

Then also CD's can be ordered with sp1 on it.

"Microsoft continually works to improve its software. As part of this effort, we develop updates and fixes to recognized issues and release them for customers. On a regular basis, we combine many of these fixes into a single package and make the package available for customers to install on their computers. These packages are called Service Packs.

Windows XP Service Pack 1 (SP1) provides the latest security, reliability, and performance updates to the Windows XP family of operating systems. Windows XP SP1 is designed to ensure Windows XP platform compatibility with newly released software and hardware, and includes updates that resolve issues discovered by customers or by Microsoft's internal testing team.

Windows XP Service Pack 1 can be downloaded for free or ordered on CD beginning September 9th."

Go to the "sp1 soon" page

Tablet PC Demo!

Posted in a newsletter from http://www.tabletpctalk.com

Last week Chris De Herrera (webmaster of cewindows.net) attended the Los Angeles Pocket PC Users Group meeting for a demo of the Tablet PC. Kurt Shintaku of Microsoft invited Chandler Bootchk of Microsoft to demonstrate the hardware and software features of the Windows XP Tablet PC Edition. This Tablet PC Talk exclusive demo includes a feature overview of the new hardware including showing how to convert it from a laptop format to a tablet format. Also additional applications such as Journal, sticky notes and a game are demonstrated. Further, Chandler agreed to answer users questions about the Tablet PC as we went along.

This video is over 1 hour long and is 320 x 240 15 fps so you'll get a good idea of what was covered. Just be patient, it's a little over 50MB!



Microsoft Notebook Mouse


Found this on Activewin.com.

A small mouse so it doesn't take much space in your laptop bag.










Windows Media Series 9 site online

See the site  Hmmm, the site has been taken offline, includio (You are not authorized to view this page, HTTP Error 403 - Forbidden)

Download official beta! (oops not yet, Sept 4th Beta1 will be released)

.NET Server now .NET Server 2003

Source: ENT News via ( www.wmlah.com)

Microsoft changed the name of the family of server operating systems it plans to release next year to Windows .NET Server 2003, company representatives said late Thursday.

The new name is the fourth for the family of server operating systems. Its code-name was "Whistler," a name it shared with pre-release versions of the Windows XP client operating system that shipped in October. It was briefly known as Windows 2002 in the spring of 2001. Then Microsoft renamed the OS family "Windows .NET Server" in line with a company-wide move to insert the .NET brand of its Web services initiative into many product lines.

Microsoft employees learned about the name change on Tuesday at an annual company meeting. Microsoft's public relations agency sent a statement about the new name to reporters Thursday night.

"During the Release Candidate stage of a product, Microsoft typically takes time to put final finishing touches on the branding and marketing of their products," the statement said. "Clearly, this is in line with naming conventions used in the past and will serve as a versioning identifier."

The product lineup in the server operating system family now goes like this:

  • Windows .NET Server 2003, Standard Edition (was Windows .NET Standard Server);
  • Windows .NET Server 2003, Enterprise Edition (was Windows .NET Enterprise Server);
  • Windows .NET Server 2003, Datacenter Edition (was Windows .NET Datacenter Server);
  • Windows .NET Server 2003, Web Edition (was Windows .NET Web Server).

    The first Windows .NET Server 2003 release candidate was made available in late July. A second release candidate is expected this fall before the operating system is finalized and released to manufacturing near the end of the year. A formal launch for Windows .NET Server 2003 is expected in the first quarter of 2003.

  • WinXP sp1 build 1106......

    source winbeta.org

    "1105.1 was only built for some languages, indicating it might be RTM for those specific languages. 1106 was also compiled today, which then indicates that MS plans on going on with the english version. 1106 is the rtm (release to manufacturer) code, and so is 1105.1 ... they are just packaged differently. We can expect RTM for oems to be around 1110.

    So that being said, if you are looking for 1106 to show up, don't hold your breath. 1106 is an internal build, not packaged for release. Although RTM, it is still being tested. make sense? You ask what then CAN we expect. Well for sure the OEM around build #1110. But if we happen to get our hands on anything else before that we'll be certain to pass it along."

    MSN Messenger 4.7 officially released

    Just some bugfixes....4.70.101

    Get it at http://messenger.msn.com

    The 4 new MS Keyboards

    More pics thanks Activewin.com

    Multimedia Keyboard:

    Natural Multimedia Keyboard:

    will be back in few days!

    Live sucks without my partner site Neowin.net, I have to work harder to find news ;-)

    Good news is they have found a new hosting partner: http://mikeMTH.de and the think they will be back online in a few days! Well Good luck !

    WinXP sp1 final = build 1105.1

    Winbeta.org and Activewin state their sources build 1105.1 is the golden build. The final build will be released to OEM partners and official testers today. RTW (Release To the Web) seems to be next week (yesterday: "within ten days")

    Thanks Micheal for this, another read for winXP sp1 and piracy here

    MSN 5 sign-in problems? patch it!

    Recently, Microsoft disabled the MSN 8 Protocol, so this patch will make MSN Messenger 5.0 connect and stay connected again. Make sure you read the instructions or you will not get it working!!!

    Unzip files into MSN Messenger directory, usually C:\Program Files\MSN
    Now open signin.exe
    After that open openfirst.exe, once it connects close it down. Do not let it sign out!
    Now open the regular msn messenger. All Patched!!!
    Source: osbetas
    Get patch at fileconnect

    Flaw in Certificate Enrollment Control Could Allow Deletion of Digital Certificates (Q323172)

    Details on issue in security bulletin MS02-048

    Download locations for this patch Patches for all Windows platforms will be available from Windows Update on August 29, 2002. For users who want to download the patches immediately, please refer to the following locations:

    IntelliType 2.2 available

    Intellitype 2.2 finally made it to the download servers:

    ITP2_21EngALLMsi.exe - 10,260 Kb (English)

    for other languages reverse-engineer the URL ;-)

    IntelliMouse software 4.1 available

    I haven't seen difference in features but it supports the new "Blue Mouse" line

    Thanks Phatrx7 for this:

    Mouse (Language specific packages, see language codes in URL):








    windows XP sp1 released "within 10 days"

    Well not yesterday 28th, not Friday but "within 10 days" SP1 will be released.

    "The software giant announced the delivery schedule late Tuesday in an effort to comply with part of its proposed settlement with the US Department of Justice (DOJ), which specifies a time table for delivering compliance changes. These changes are part of SP1, Microsoft says."

    source: www.wininformant.com


    Rumours: 1105=gold, 1109 is same code but with desktop message removed, 1109 will be available for OEM tonight, tomorrow.

    Direct X 9 release postponed to end of November, 9.1 release in spring 2003

    "...yesterday we learned at the Games Developer Conference here in London that it the release date has now been pushed further back. Microsoft and its partners, including ATI, had suggested it would be introduced in early October, but now we hear it's postponed until the end of November."

    "...At its current stage DirectX is in Beta 2 but it's still unclear whether the next revision will still be a beta or final code. It's somewhat ironic that a DX9 hardware part is already shipping before the API is finished."

    "We can say that DirectX 9 will have really small life cycle since we heard few months ago and confirmed a few days ago that next year, in spring, Microsoft should be will announce the DirectX 9.1 revision. Don’t worry it will take at least a year until you see any serious use of DirectX 9 in upcoming games, so we might see some games ready for Christmas 2003"

    View source / whole article: The Inquirer

    Windows XP sp1 build 1105 leaked

    This week sp1 should go gold (round august 28th, now friday seems the day), yet another sp1 beta build escaped the ms beta labs: build 1105.

    WinXP SP1 Build 1105 (5.1.2600.1105 ; xpsp1.020822-1800) comes in at 133.94 mb and is the english stand alone version only.

    source: www.winbeta.org

    Don't bother links I gues cause final will be here soon! Well OK for you die-hard beta nerds 2 links get it while it lasts....

    1105    1105 (FileConnect)

    Slipstream OfficeXP sp2 util

    Found this tool on winbeta.org which makes slipstreaming your officeXP sp more easy.

    Get the tool here

    New versions of popular CD burning software

    CDrWIN 5.0    Nero  Thanks to fileconnect.net

    More on sp1 and piracy

    MS Piracy site     MS Piracy Site 2   WinSuperSite

    Intellitype Pro 2.2 Software?

    The sam as the underneath post. Download.microsoft.com posted an updated version of Intellitype software but it links to the old version (2.11)

    Downloads sorted by date -- Internet Keyboard Pro -- Windows XP
    Date Title Version Size/Time (@ 28.8)
    21 Aug 2002 IntelliType Pro 2.2 10,200 kb / 49min
    25 Sep 2001 IntelliType Pro 2.11 Keyboard Driver for Windows 2000 and Windows XP 2.11 5,099 kb / 25min

    New Intellipoint Mouse software??

    At MS download page MS posted a Intellipoint 4.1 a 10 MB download, but by clicking on the link you still get the 4.01 version.

    I guess it will be available soon. So keep checking. Here is the search result of download.microsoft.com:

    Downloads sorted by title -- IntelliMouse -- Windows XP
    Date Title Version Size/Time (@ 28.8)
    21 Aug 2002 IntelliPoint 4.1 10,100 kb / 49min
    14 Sep 2001 IntelliPoint 4.01 Mouse Driver for Windows 2000 and XP 4.01 4,376 kb / 22min

    Install WMP 9 (Corona) on win2k!

    Thanks Oliver for this tip:

    Here's a simple trick that your visitors may need to install the latest wmp9 (build 2848) on Win2k: rename the .exe to .zip, then unzip it in a new directory and run "setup_wm.exe" to launch the installation.
    This will bypass the message "This version of Windows Media Player can be installed only on Windows XP and Windows .NET Server." that you get on a Win2000 box.

    License Changes in Windows XP SP1 Explained

    source: Wininformant by Paul Thurrott

    "Microsoft licensing guru Allen Nieman dropped me a note about the licensing changes in Windows XP Service Pack 1 (SP1), which will ship soon. Here's Allen's succinct one-paragraph version of the announcement: "Microsoft will introduce additional technological measures in Service Pack 1 for Windows XP aimed at ensuring legally licensed customers receive the full benefits of owning their valid license. These changes include denying access to the Windows XP SP1 updates for PCs with known pirated installations, product key validation during activation, and the repair of cracks to activation.  Additional features have been added to provide a better customer experience including an additional three-day grace period to re-activate after significant hardware changes and the ability for volume license customers to encrypt their volume license product key in unattended installations." I'll have a full write-up of the changes in an update to my Service Pack 1 review on the SuperSite for Windows later today"

    Terminal Services Webclient security fix

    On http://ts.bink.nu I have published the webclient for Terminal Services. There is an security issue dicoverd and MS released an updated version of this client.

    The webbased TS is also included in XP, install IIS and subcomponents. The XP update will be included in XP sp1.

    Download for win2k

    Read bulletin MS02-046 - Buffer Overrun in TSAC ActiveX Control Could Allow Code Execution (Q327521)

    August IE cumulative patch re-released

    Today MS re-released the august cumulative patch for Internet Explorer versions.

    It was released last week but withdrawn the same day.

    Download for 5.x and 6.0

    Read bulletin MS02-047 - Cumulative Patch for Internet Explorer (Q323759)

    New Stuff in .NET Server You May Not Know About

    source: www.w2knews.com

    So, MS is of course hyping all the new security features in .NET, but there actually are a few other bits and pieces that got a boost. These are improvements in the areas of terminal and media services, storage, active directory and windows services.

    To start with, the new Terminal Service gets you twice the max amount of sessions, and it does not have to reauthenticate for automatic reconnects of dropped sessions: faster! It also allows remote admins to connect to the server console: cool.

    Windows Media is being completely restructured on all its layers: The API, the player and the Server. There is new functionality like real-time management of live events, but on the end-user level things like "instant start" (no delays caused by buffering) and content that you are not able to skip are nice. Server side they have added scripts to allow playback.

    Active Directory in .NET is more powerful too. .NET server can now replicate up to 5,000 servers instead of the old limitation of 200. You can also finally rename domains and redefine your schema without having to rebuild the whole darn thing. And, you can now establish two-way trusts between two AD top-level domains (AD Forests). Believe me, this is all G O O D.

    The defrag application is growing up and is now scriptable, much faster and includes the option to defrag the MFT (Master File Table). This feature was only found before in third party tools. And talking about storage, they have included a new Shadow Copy feature (acquired from a third party vendor) that takes a point-in-time snapshot of a volume that you can back up and restore, and if you want, to another machine. And you can virtiualize networked file services which is quite handy in the SAN and NAS environments.

    Last but not least, they rejiggered their API's for Backup and RAID so they are consistent across hardware implementations. All in all it looks like they listened to system admin feedback to some degree. These above features definitely get a "thumbs up".

    Media Player 8 for Windows 2000

    I receive many emails a day about link to wmp8 for win2k being down.

    Well I found one. wmp8_inst.exe

    Next time go to www.filemirrors.com and search for the filename!

    Media Player Series 9 build2848 leaked

    Winbeta.org has got hold of a new beta build of wmp9:

    No 'visible' changes other than setup now seems a bit more verbose.

    See screenshot

    Download at fileconnect

    win2k SP3 available in more languages

    Thanks Niclas for this tip.

    There not officially published on the SP3 website, but they are on the download servers

    Try if your language is available by changing the Country code in the URL.

    If you don't know your country code, look in the URL for the SP2 download URL.


    SP3 Express Installation (Swedish)
    http://download.microsoft.com/download/win2000platform/SP/SP3Express/NT5/SV/sp3express.exe 617 KB

    SP3 Network Installation (Swedish)
    http://download.microsoft.com/download/win2000platform/SP/SP3/NT5/SV/W2Ksp3.exe 124 MB

    SP3 Express Installation (Dutch)
    http://download.microsoft.com/download/win2000platform/SP/SP3Express/NT5/NL/sp3express.exe 617 KB

    SP3 Network Installation (Dutch)
    http://download.microsoft.com/download/win2000platform/SP/SP3/NT5/NL/W2Ksp3.exe 124 MB

    Investigate your country code by checking SP2 download page:


    then choose language, then hoover over the download links and look in status bar of IE for code.

    Bink.nu domain unreachable.

    UPDATE: all is well again

    Bink.nu domain is unreachable as of today. The registration expired ! Oops. I renewed the domain but don't know how long it will take. I hope not too long because I don't receive any mail.

    I also heard people who are unable to reach officeXP.nu but that domain is still active! I'll do some research on that

    XP SP1 build 1102 leaked

    Last night build 1102 leaked. as always links will follow.

    ScreenShot @ www.winbeta.org

    download thanks to iexbeta.com

    New Windows XP Editions soon




    Tablet PC Demo

    Windows Powered Smart Displays (MIRA)

    See the video of how Windows Powered Smart Displays (formerly codenamed "Mira" devices) can enable relaxed and social Windows XP computing experiences anywhere in your home.



    XP Media Center: 300k video (posted earlier here too)

    Windows XP Media Center Edition Wallpaper Images

    1. Click one of the images below. A larger version of the image appears in a separate browser window.
    2. Right-click the large image, and then click Set as Background.
    Click any of the images below to get started downloading your Windows XP Media Center Edition wallpaper.
    Image #1 Image #2 Image #3 Image #4 Image #5


    MS Transfer Manager updated because of security issue

    Beta testers, MSDN subscribers, OEM builders and other partnering groups often download large software file form MS non public websites. MS build a tool for it so you can resume the downloads.

    Now their is an issue with so they updated it.

    Dear Microsoft Customer -

    The Microsoft Security Response Center has learned of a security
    vulnerability affecting a software component used only by members of
    certain Microsoft customer programs.  You've received this mail
    because you have registered as a member of one of the programs and
    may have come in contact with the component that contains the
    vulnerability.  Microsoft believes that only a small number of
    customers actually are at risk, but we do urge you to use the
    following information to ensure that your system is secure.
    The vulnerability could enable an attacker to gain control over
    another user's system.  It lies in a software component called the
    File Transfer Manager (FTM), the purpose of which is to allow members
    of Microsoft beta programs, MSDN, Microsoft Volume Licensing
    Services, and a small number of other Microsoft programs to download
    software from certain Microsoft sites.  The FTM is only distributed
    through these programs, but not every member has installed it.  Even
    among customers who have installed it, not all are at risk, as only
    certain versions contain the vulnerability. 
    Microsoft recommends that all customers receiving this mail determine
    whether the FTM is installed on their systems and, if so, ensure that
    they have either upgraded to the latest version (FTM 4.0) or removed
    the vulnerable version.  A web page
    (http://transfers.one.microsoft.com/ftm/install) is available that
    provides step-by-step instructions for doing this.  The entire
    process takes only minutes.
    We'd like to thank Andrew Tereschenko for identifying the security
    vulnerability and working with us as we developed a solution.  We at
    Microsoft sincerely apologize for any inconvenience, and look forward
    to continuing to work with you as a member of a Microsoft customer


    The Microsoft Security Response Center


    OfficeXP sp2 English released NOW!

    Thanks Neowin here are the English XP sp2 files

    offxpsp2 english

    Admin install

    slipstream sp in office install? www.officexp.nu


    Microsoft Corp. on Wednesday will release the second service pack for Office XP, which will combine previously released and new updates into a single, integrated package that will be available as a Web download or on CD.

    The pack will be a collection of all the bug fixes that Microsoft has released and has been working on since it issued the first service pack last December.

    The English version of SP-2 is scheduled for release on Wednesday and is focused on delivering enhanced security, performance and stability to Office XP applications, a Microsoft spokeswoman on Monday told eWEEK.

    SP-2 will include new security updates that enhance the protection of Office Web components from hackers, and an Excel 2002 update that prevents the loss of digital signatures when auto-saving spreadsheets, she said.

    The service pack will also include security updates already released, including those that prevent Word from running ActiveX controls when the user is using Word to edit e-mail messages and has configured Outlook to disable script.

    It will also provide additional protection against exploits in Excel, which could potentially run macros without warning, the spokeswoman said.

    View whole article at Eweek



    FCC approves Bluetooth keyboard and Mouse for Microsoft

    source: http://www.pocketpcthoughts.com and Watching Microsoft Like A Hawk - Microsoft News Watch Site

    view "exhibit" of keyboard (PDF)

    view "exhibit" of mouse (PDF)

    FCC website

    Other newsarticle on approval



    MovieMaker 1.2.1 on WindowsUpdate

    Windows Movie Maker version 1.2.1 is an update for Windows Movie Maker 1.1, 1.1.1, and 1.2, which were released in Windows XP Home Edition and Windows XP Professional. Users who want to create high quality movies that use the latest Windows Media Audio and Video codecs and increase the maximum display size for recording should download this update.


    source activewin

    OfficeXP sp2 out! but no English yet! ???

    German     French    Spanish     Italian   Thai    Hebrew    Arabic

    source: www.neowin.net

    Office 11 to Use XML as Native Data Format
    The next version of Microsoft Office--code-named Office 11--will finally make a break with the proprietary Office data formats of the past and embrace XML as a native data format. The change isn't designed to appease open source advocates, however, but to allow the suite's applications--Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and so on--to more easily interoperate with .NET Web services. Opening up Office to XML also paves the way to Microsoft's future kitchen-sink data storage scheme, code-named Yukon, a SQL Server 2003-based data store that will power Active Directory, future versions of Exchange, and even the Windows file system. But exposing Office data natively as XML will give competitors a chance to make their products more interoperable with Office as well, no doubt leading to future OpenOffice.org and StarOffice products that are finally 100 percent compatible with Microsoft's offerings. The company says the benefits outweigh the risks, though, and is pressing ahead with what it calls end-to-end experiences that blur the lines between the desktop and server-side services.

    source wininformant

    Microsoft Prepping New Keyboards and Mice
    This week, Microsoft received federal approval for its Bluetooth-based keyboard and mouse products, which will use the wireless technology to connect the devices to a PC. The company will sell the products together in a kit that includes a USB-based Bluetooth transceiver for the PC, since most PCs today don't yet ship with Bluetooth hardware, though that should change by early 2003. Additionally, Microsoft will start selling two new wired keyboards this fall, including the Multimedia Keyboard, which features one-touch button access to digital media features and other oft-needed functionality such as navigating music and video clips, surfing the Web, starting the programs you use most, and so on. And a new Natural Multimedia Keyboard will offer the same functionality combined with an ergonomic "split" keyboard layout. Both the Multimedia Keyboard and the Natural Multimedia Keyboard have revised looks, with a deep blue band across the top and integrated wrist rests.

    source wininformant



    Slipstream sp1 into corporate edition? Wait! (updated)

    if you slipstream sp1 into a corporate i386 installation it will NOT accept your corpkey.
    It seems the current sp1 beta's make your corporate a retail edition.
    So I guess there will be a corporate sp1 version too.

    Keep this in mind.

    Updating your corp edition will work fine, unless you use a pirated corp key.

    UPDATE: I hear different stories on this issue, some say no problem some say you need to replace files or change setupp.ini.

    WinXP sp1 build 1097 leaked? yes

    Have no hard proof yet but expect 1097 this weekend. Also I've been informed that the build status on Friday internally at MS labs is 1098.

    1097    1097    1097    1097

    Update Notes from MS on 1097:

    This build is NOT RC1, though as we approach RC1 we would like to use this build as a checkpoint to ensure that no new, major issues have been introduced.

    Before you install: You should uninstall the previous service pack to return your system to Windows XP RTM then apply the new version. If you installed the slipstream version previously you will not be able to apply this update to your system. If you wish to test this build you will need to install retail Windows XP and apply the 1097 update.

    Applying the standalone version of the service pack to an existing Windows XP machine does not require a new product key.

    Windows XP SP1 Will Not Install on Known Pirated Installations

    In an email sent to OEM system builders MS tells:

    When released, Service Pack 1 for Microsoft Windows XP will not install if it identifies the underlying Windows XP installation as a known pirated installation. SP1 identifies known pirated installations by their Product IDs. The Product ID is generated from the Product Key used during install and can be found by choosing My Computer, then Properties, and viewing the General tab.

    SP1 will not install on installations with the following product IDs containing the following serial numbers (note that X takes the place of any other value): XXXXX-640-0000356-23XXX, & XXXXX-640-2001765-23XXX. Users of licensed Microsoft software will be unaffected. If SP1 is installed on a Windows XP installation with one of the above product IDs, SP1 installation will fail and error with the following message: Service Pack 1 Setup Error: The product key used to install Windows is invalid.

    Please contact your system administrator or retailer immediately to obtain a valid product key. You may also contact Microsoft Corporation’s Anti-Piracy Team by emailing piracy@microsoft.com if you think you have purchased pirated Microsoft software. Please be assured that any personal information you send to the Microsoft Anti-Piracy team will be kept in strict confidence.

    "Flaw in Network Connection Manager" security vulnerability in Windows 2000.

    This update resolves the "Flaw in Network Connection Manager" security vulnerability in Windows 2000. Download now to prevent a malicious user from gaining elevated privileges through the Network Connection Manager, and then running code of his or her choice on your computer.

    Download (win2k)

    New Cumulative Patch for IE!

    Thanks Neobond from Neowin.

    not officially online yet but:

    anyway when it decides to come back (it was dated for yesterday so I imagine this is a simple error) we will update the post with a direct download.

    Download: August 2002, Cumulative Patch for IE6.0 (English)
     Download: August 2002, Cumulative Patch for IE5.5 SP2
    August 2002, Cumulative Patch for IE5.5 SP1

     August 2002, Cumulative Patch for Internet Explorer not online yet
     News source: Critical Updates for IE

    Beta links dead, but....

    some betalinks to xp sp1, mediaplayer9, sidebar and MSN8 all can be downloaded from 1 site so get it while it lasts....


    Hack startbutton updated

    The German Tweakers site has updated their "hack your startbutton" guide:


    Also get other colors of your STARTbutton here and use: Changing your Windows XP startbuttons color

    Get MS Java for XP

    MS removed their JAVA module from Windows Update, becauseof  legal actions with Sun. Read about that here

    If you still want to use it instead of SUN's version get it here

    Office SP's released soon!

    From one of my sources I got this info: MS will release Service Packs for Office 2000 and Office XP, this is the release planning:

    Office XP Service Pack 2: August 20th

    Office 2000 Service Pack 3: September 25th

    Support WebCast Microsoft Office XP Deploying Service Pack 2

    .NET RC1 Datacenter screenshots

    The guys at www.WindowsBeta.de claim to have real screenshots of .NET Datacenter, I doubt  a bit cause I dont see the specific Datacenter tool in Administrative Tools programs group, like the one where you can set processes per CPU. But maybe that tool is somewhere else now

    Judge yourself

    Microsoft limits "Freestyle" to PC giants

    Saw this on www.activewin.com

    source: theinquirer.net

    Vole gives system integrators thumbs down

    FREESTYLE or as it is now rather grandly known Windows XP Media Center Edition, will be limited to Microsoft's very bestest OEM friends, it has emerged.

    The Vole is telling lesser players, such as tier two integrators, that the "unified Media Center PCs" which aim to allow OEMs to create "home digital entertainment centres", won't be available to the distribution channel.

    And that's probably never, according to documents the INQUIRER has seen.

    While Microsoft is undoubtedly hoping that the few "very large direct partners" who launch systems "for the holidays in 2002" and in Japan in 2003 will be hugely successful, the old white box market must be hoping that the thing flops like a floppy thing.

    We've a fantastic idea. Why doesn't Creative Labs get together with Shuttle and a few other players and make an "alternative"system that will sell for a hell of a lot less and perform a bit better?

    And who are these big players that get the Microsoft imprimatur, cutting out the system integrator market.

    You'll find a clue on this page One of them is New Age P, the other is NEC, and the last is Samsung Digitall (sp), which brands itself as "everyone's invited".

    DirectX Beta 2

    Thanks, Bunnios and Voodoo (Neowin)

    MS released Direct X Beta2 SDK to its beta testers, soon they will release the Direct X installer. I expect a ripped version from SDK earlier, so keep checking!

    My link ran dead because my ISP found it caused to much traffic (5Gb in 1 day), but it spread and www.IEXbeta.com provided some links:

     Download DirectX 9.0 Beta 2 Web Installer
     Download DirectX 9.0 Beta 2 Full Installation Package *Correct*

    Windows XP sp1 build 1090 leaked

    links are in KLIP

    .NET Framework sp2 is included.

    .NET Frameworks Service Pack 2 Released

    Wow this is already the 2nd SP for .NET Framework in 6 months or so. .NET Framework can be downloaded from Windows Update and will be included in WinXP sp1. I don't know if the sp2 will be included in winXP sp1.

    Download NDP10_SP_Q321884_En.exe - 6,591 Kb

    Q321884 - INFO List of Bugs Fixed in Microsoft .NET Framework Service Pack 2

    Frequently Asked Questions About .NET Framework Service Pack 2

    winXP sp1 beta build 1089 leaked

    Thanks to bunnios of WinBeta. Another build of xp sp1 leaked and it smells like it is is the Release Candidate. There is no "For testing Purposes" on the desktop and according to this release schedule posted exclusively by winXP.nu it is time for the SP1 !

    Good news the Media Player 9 Taskbar mode works with this build! See here

    MS blacklisted more product keys!

    see screenshot from WinBeta

    Links are in KLIP

    Get WindowsXP.nu KLIP!  

    WinXP sp1 out on August 28th!?

    source: www.wininformant.com

    "Deliver Windows XP Service Pack 1 (SP1) this summer. Smith said that the company is on track to ship SP1 this summer and later noted that the release will ship on or after August 28. XP SP1 includes a UI change that lets end users and PC makers hide access to five key middleware components--Internet Explorer (IE), Outlook Express, Windows Media Player (WMP), Windows Messenger, and Microsoft's Java Virtual Machine (VM). Based on feedback from beta testers, PC makers, and the DOJ, Microsoft will make additional changes to XP SP1 to make the product's middleware-hiding feature "even more clear to users."

    Windows Media Player Series 9 Beta Build 2773 leaked

    The 2nd leak of WMP 9 !!! Codename Corona

    Thanks to Bunnios and Neobond!

    Well we have compiled some screenshots that explain the functions better.

     Screenshots thanks to Neowin.net !!       :
    Taskbar control with Window | Without Window | Full mode | Media Player | About WMP9 (Corona)

     Windows Media Player Corona (build 2773) Thanks to Creamhackered for the link


    Slipstream Windows 2000 Datacenter to SP3!

    If you happen to have a version of Windows 2000 Datacenter for testing purposes and you want to update it to sp2 or sp3, it won't install.

    This is because win2k DC only is supplied with high-end hardware and comes with service from the OEM (Dell, Compaq, HP)

    Only these engineers can install sp's on these mission critical systems. But by adjusting the update.exe you can workaround this.

    Get the patch for update.exe on my win2kbootcd page.

    IE sp1 final = build2800.1082

    Source: Neowin

    It appears that due to an error on their page over their they have let the url slip for the North American location to the Release To Web (RTW) version of IE6.0 Service Pack 1 (SP1).

    If you go
    here you are presented with an URL that reads:

    UPDATE: get the files from WindowsUpdate server: import this GetRight download listin Getright, or get one big file here (Thanks to www.iexbeta.com)

    Winxp sp1 build 1086 leaked

    Friday night another internal build escaped Microsoft.

    links will follow in KLIP

    Chat on WindowsXP.nu IRC Channel!

    A windowsXP.nu fan has started an IRC Channel on DALNET!

    Join there now! #WindowsXP.nu on DALnet

    Not officially published yet! But I have the links.

    win2k deployment tools (SP3)

    win2k Support Tools (SP3)

    These tools are om original win2k cd's but are now updated

    They will be officially posted here on Thursday, above links are for Premium Support customers

    And the fix list : Q320853 - List of Bugs Fixed in Windows 2000 Service Pack 3

    Get MDAC security fix

    Version of MDAC Shipped in...  
    MDAC 2.5 Windows 2000, Office 2000 SR1 and later, SQL Server 7.0 Service Packs 2 and later http://www.microsoft.com/Downloads/Release.asp?ReleaseID=41076
    MDAC 2.6 SQL Server 2000 http://www.microsoft.com/Downloads/Release.asp?ReleaseID=41077
    MDAC 2.7 Windows XP, Visual Studio .Net http://www.microsoft.com/Downloads/Release.asp?ReleaseID=41072

    More information at Microsoft Security Bulletin ID MS02-40

    What is Microsoft Data Access Components?

    Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC) is a collection of components used to provide database connectivity on Windows platforms. The components provide the underlying functionality for a number of database operations. (A good discussion of MDAC and the components it provides is available on MSDN).

    One point that’s especially important to understand for the purposes of this vulnerability is the fact that MDAC is a collective name for a number of technologies, some of which are used by database clients and others of which are used by database servers. In this case, the component containing the flaw is one that’s used only by SQL Server, and even then can only be exploited through the use of a single Transact-SQL command, called OpenRowSet.

    Updated my win2k Bootcd page with sp3 info and Nero!!!

    Before WindowsXP.nu my most succesfull page was on how to make a bootable Windows 2000 CD with the latest SP integrated

    I just updated it with sp3 info and by using NERO, cause that is most used!

    Check it out!    http://www.bink.nu/bootcd


    Finally it is out!

    SP3 can be downloaded from the MS download servers!
    So start testing and get this on your systems, cause it fixes and prevents alot.
    Official sp3 page is still down while writing this.
    German version is also there, other languages will follow


    This is the same build that was released to testers last week and accidently available on Windows Update for a while.





    Official win2k sp3 page (will be online on thurday)

    Learn how to slipstream your existing copy of win2k to sp3 and make a new bootable CD!


    Get MSN Messenger build extracted from MSN 8

    MSN Messenger 5 build 0124
     Patch MSN 5 build 0124 with the new sounds from 0127   Links by www.neowin.net

    MSN 8 leaked

    I never cared much about MSN, just used IE, but this MSN version adds a lot! maybe that is why it will not be free.

    the package is 146 MB! and adds a Sidebar! and download manager

    Neowin.net has some cool screenshots!

    NeoWin.net - EXCLUSIVE: MSN Explorer 8.0 Screenshots

    Download Thanks Neowin

    XP.nu exclusive: SP1 Release Candidate delayed

    Update to the timeline: Windows XP Service Pack 1 release candidate was not signed off as expected on Wednesday 24th July. The updated release dates are as follows:

    Product Group RC Date signoff                                        Friday 2nd August

    RC Product starts to appear on global DDS servers    Saturday 3rd August

    Target ITG client launch date                                        Wednesday 7th August

    OK there are some internal terms used here, but from Saturday 3rd August RC of winxp sp1 may leak. I guess RTM date will be later then august 14th

    Saturday 1:30 am (GMT+1): RC1 on MSDN!

    wow that is fast RC1 is on MSDN already! So MSDN subscribers get your ISO and official KEY!!!

    Read .NET speech by Billy

    "But the next two years you'll really see a lot of these key things and then after that is when "Longhorn" comes along" .......

    Read full speech

    Longhorn? wait till late 2005

    Source: wininformant

    The next major revision of Windows, code-named Longhorn, won't ship until 2005 at the earliest. Various Microsoft executives have said as much, certainly, and this week Chairman and Chief Software Architect Bill Gates even specifically mentioned the date during the company's annual financial analysts meeting. But the Longhorn release schedule is tied to so many other products and technologies now, that a timeframe of 2005 (or beyond) is virtually guaranteed. Here's why: Gates said this week that Longhorn would be tied to future releases of Office, Exchange Server, and, of course, the SQL Server "Yukon" technologies, which will be used for the Longhorn file system. And my understanding is that the Longhorn's server versions--the follow-ups to the Windows .NET Server family releases that will happen in Q1 2003--will be released in lock-step with the Longhorn desktop versions. Given all this information, how quickly would Microsoft release updates to Office, Exchange and Windows Server? I'm thinking two years would be the minimum, and indeed, Office 11 will ship mid-2003, meaning that Office 12--the one that will be released along with Longhorn--won't happen until at least mid-2005. And consider Windows Server: Windows 2000 Server shipped to customers in February 2000, with its successor, a minor update called Win.NET Server, hitting around the same time in 2003. So how could the next one hit any sooner than mid-2005? It can't. So Longhorn is definitely on track for mid-2005 or later. And that, people, means that we can expect at least one or two interim Windows XP releases in the meantime, as I've been saying for a while now. And though Microsoft won't talk about these releases because it's busy pushing XP SP1, XP Tablet PC Edition, and XP Media Center Edition right now, I can assure you that mentions of future XP versions will start appearing later this year. It's unavoidable.

    Tying Together Office 12 and Longhorn
    And speaking of Microsoft's plan to tie Longhorn with Office 12, here's the quote. During the Microsoft financial analysts meeting, Gates described the move to the Longhorn generation of products like this. "If we didn't have this approach--a version of Office that takes advantage of [Longhorn]--then the work wouldn't show through," he said. "The most important ISV for us is Microsoft itself. We want one architecture for all our products." In the meantime, Office 11, due in mid-2003, will feature ClearType technology for clearer text, a persistent query window for live updating of query information, and a new user interface, which will hopefully be updated significantly from that awful blue-gray "Office NGO" look we've seen from early alphas of the product.

    RTC server codename Greenwich

    Microsoft announced that they decide to break out of .NET server all the real-time collaboration and communications stuff like digital meetings, instant messaging, group collaboration, information-agent tech into a separate server called the RTC server instead of as part of NET. The code name for this RTC Server is code-named Greenwich.

    source: W2knewsletter


    Friday 2:11 am (GMT+1):RC1 is out !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! build 3663

    on WindowsBeta

    view email from MS

    In the meantime check out Paul Thurrot's RC1 review

    Rumors About XP SP1 Product Activation Changes Not True

    A  bizarre rumor about Microsoft making sweeping changing to its Product Activation technology in Windows XP Service Pack 1 (SP1) is completely untrue, the company told me today. The rumor, which was started by a small technology enthusiast Web site, had Microsoft changing the product keys for all of its customers using volume licensing. This rumors has since spread across the Internet and been embellished in various ways, including a version I came across Thursday morning claiming that Microsoft was making the change so it could charge licensees yet again for SP1. Not so, says Microsoft.

    "There is no truth in this rumor," Allen Nieman, the Lead Technical Product Manager for Licensing Technologies at Microsoft told me Thursday. "We are not changing the way volume licensing customers install or deploy Windows XP. We are not issuing volume licensing customers new product keys. Volume licensing customers are not impacted by any of the changes we are making to activation in SP1. The only folks impacted by the changes we are making in SP1 are people with illegal copies of Windows."

    As I first reported back in May, the Windows Product Activation feature in XP SP1 will get two minor modifications, neither of which will affect any legitimate users. First, Microsoft discovered that the majority of pirated XP copies out there are tied to single volume license product key. So Microsoft alerted the company about the problem, changed their key, and disabled it for use after SP1. So anyone using this pirated key will be unable to upgrade to SP1 or any future updates via Windows Update. Also, Microsoft is adding a three-day grace period for people that use the same product key to install XP on two different systems; in the past, there was no grace period and the user had to immediately activation via phone in order to use XP on the second system. This will give users some breathing room if disaster strikes and you have to install XP on a new system.

    source: Paul Thurrott's Wininfomant

    Windows XP Rockets to Sales of 46 Million

    Microsoft's latest Windows version, Windows XP, continues its torrid sales pace, the company told me today, with over 46 million licenses sold since the product's launch last October. This morning, at the company's annual financial analysts meeting, Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates announced the milestone and noted that XP continues to form the foundation of the company's revenues each quarter.

    Additionally, XP has seen unprecedented support from Microsoft's partners. There are now over 23,000 products designed specifically for Windows XP, available from over 700 partners. This is nearly three times the number of Designed for Windows logoed products that were available at XP's launch and more than twice the number of logoed applications than were available for any previous Windows version in the same timeframe.

    XP is the latest version of Windows built on the NT kernel. A follow-up to XP, dubbed Windows XP Service Pack 1 (SP1), will form the basis for upcoming Windows versions such as Windows XP Tablet PC Edition and Windows XP Media Center Edition.


    source: Paul Thurrott's Wininfomant

    Win2k sp3 final !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ????????????????

    UPDATE: it seems the same build as 3.154.3 that was released yesterday, same date and time and same in binary comparison.

    Yesterday win2k sp3 final was released on Windows Update for a short while. It was withdrawn shortly after that. But a guy nicknamed JZolloXP was fast enough to get it !

    I guess it is not final cause it was withdrawn but when you install it says just SP3, not evaluation or build numbers.

    Get it while it is hot!

    this buid is from july 22nd

    Release Notes

    see pic of sp3 on windows update

    Thank you www.iexbeta.com for this news! check their site for mirrors too!

    Winxp sp1 build 1081 is out !

     you can try www.driverheaven.net but it is very busy there, wonder why ;-)

    Neowin link ! from Fileconnect, no hammering or it's gone: Download: Windows XP SP1 build v1081

    5 new security bulletins from Microsoft!

    MS02-039 : Buffer Overruns in SQL Server 2000 Resolution Service Could Enable Code Execution (Q323875)

    MS02-038 : Unchecked Buffer in SQL Server 2000 Utilities Could Allow Code Execution (Q316333)

    MS02-037 : Server Response To SMTP Client EHLO Command Results In Buffer Overrun (Q326322)

    MS02-036 : Authentication Flaw in Microsoft Metadirectory Services Could Allow Privilege Elevation (Q317138)

    MS02-032 : 26 June 2002 Cumulative Patch for Windows Media Player (Q320920)

    SideShow 1.027 leaked

    Well the guys from Winbeta did it they patched it so it is available for you guys and girls. It is not really stable and not all the "tickets" work, but it is cool!

    Word document with loads on information and screenshots on this release can be downloaded here

    Download Microsoft SideShow Build 1.0.27
    Download Microsoft SideShow Build 1.0.27 *Mirror*
    Download Microsoft SideShow Patch (Put into your SideShow directory and execute)

    Thanks IB Elite and IExbeta.com for the links

    Another release of win2k sp3 beta

    Just a minor update. build 3.151.3

    get it thanks to Neowin

    Order .NET RC 1

    Order CD or register for Download when it is out

    Introducing the Windows .NET Server Family

    MS will announce .NET Server RC1 Wednesday and will release to beta testers on Thursday

    Source Paul Thurrott Wininformant newsletter

    Microsoft will announce Windows .NET Server (Win.NET Server)Release Candidate 1 (RC1) Wednesday, the company told me, and will
    issue the milestone to beta testers on Thursday. Win.NET Server is theoft-delayed follow-up to Windows 2000 Server and the server companionto Windows XP, which shipped last fall. Microsoft says it expects toship Win.NET Server by the end of the year and deliver it to customersin early 2003.

    "Windows .NET Server is a bloody good Windows 2000 version," saidCliff Reeves, Microsoft's vice president of Product Management for
    Windows .NET Server, at a recent reviewers' workshop for the product."That's the basic Zen of what it is. It's all the things we learned,
    all the ideas encapsulated in a whole series of improvements. It's more secure, more manageable, more performance, more scalable."

    Microsoft tells me that the RC1 release is virtually feature complete, although a few features will be added between now and RC2, which is due in a few months. Win.NET Server includes technology to accelerate server and Active Directory (AD) deployments; dramatically improved migration tools (especially for NT upgraders); a best-of-breed application server; a new Group Policy Management Console; improved file and print services; task- and role-based management tools; numerous security improvements, including various feature lock-downs; dramatic performance improvements when compared to Win2K Server on the same hardware; a Volume Shadow Copies feature that stores file snapshots; and enhancements to every subsystem imaginable, including Windows Media Services (WMS), Microsoft IIS, and Windows Terminal Services.

    Check http://www.winsupersite.com on Monday for reviews

    New build MSN Messenger 5 build 327 leaked

    Thanks to www.neowin.net and Bunnios

    MSN Messenger is a direct response to the court ruling to seperate MSN Messenger from Windows XP. The Windows XP version is not much different than the standalone version for all Windows versions only the name is "Windows Messenger" the rest in the later builds (from 4.6 up for XP) is the same including the pesky ad's which were left out of the shipping versions of XP.

    Get the patch here (neowin)

     Download: Mirror thanks to brn2prgrm
     Download: Mirror, thanks ~sid~ @ 4peeps

    New taskbar "Side Show" screenshot!!!!

    thanks to  bunnios

    Is the 1st official screenshot of longhorn? Not really it is an app in development at MS research. The screenshot shows a kind of  taskbar on the side: Side Show. This is not a shell replacement (yet?)

    Its built to use the skinning capabilities of XP and uses XML/HTML for the tasks that are "pinned" or stuck onto the shelf itself.

    When expanding a task an additional window pops out with extended information (as shown) and additional tasks. The Sideshow application can be locked to the left or Right of the Desktop and intergrates MSN Messenger and MS Outlook into the bar itself. The task panes are called tickets and can be added or removed at leisure such tickets include weather maps, road traffic, webcams, live content and a task scheduler.

    This is not likely to leak

    Microsoft Retires Windows Driver Development Kits for Pre XP

    Thanks www.neowin.net for this news

    If you ever meant to download the DDK for Windows prior to XP do it now! As of September 30, 2002, the Microsoft® Windows® 2000 DDK, the Microsoft Windows 98 DDK, and the Microsoft Windows NT® 4.0 DDK will no longer be available for purchase or download at http://www.microsoft.com/ddk.

    Support for development of Windows 2000 drivers will be available as part of the new Microsoft Windows DDK, which will ship at the same time as the Windows XP Service Pack
    1 (SP1) release of the operating system. CDs will be available to order this fall.

    The new Windows DDK is a stand-alone product. We will not be offering this DDK as a download on our Web site. However, it will be a part of the standard Microsoft MSDN® subscription download.

     Download: Windows 2000 DDK File size: 42.2 MB
     Download: Windows 98 DDK Page
     Download: Windows NT4 DDK File size: 47.9 MB
     News source: Microsoft Windows Driver Development Kits Page

    MS Small Business Server 2000 get 1st service pack in august

    SBS 2000 includes Win2K Server, Exchange 2000 Server, SQL Server 2000, Internet Security and Acceleration (ISA) Server 2000, and several other useful components, including shared fax and modem services, server health monitoring, and the Microsoft FrontPage 2000 and Outlook 2000 clients. With SBS 2000 SP1, Microsoft is updating each server component to the latest service pack release, including Win2K SP3, which will ship soon. Microsoft will update the Outlook client to Outlook 2002 (XP).

    But the most compelling changes in SBS exist outside the box, if you'll excuse my use of that tired phrase. First, SBS 2000 SP1 includes support for the new server-based Windows Update service, Software Update Services (SUS), which provides all the server components in SBS with the same updating capabilities that Windows XP users enjoy. Second, because SBS 2000 is typically installed in small businesses with no IT staff, Microsoft is providing incentives for VARs and other channel partners to support the product, while making SBS 2000 easier to maintain.

    "With Small Business Server, the customer typically buys the product from a VAR [or other channel partner], who then comes and deploys it onsite," said Katy Hunter, group product manager for Windows Small Business Server. "The VAR trains the users, and perhaps integrates an application on top of it, [and] signs a maintenance agreement with hourly rate services. With our new Channel Incentive Program, we will rebate up to $500 to the channel partner. Our partners can simply make more money this way, of course, or they can pass the savings through the customer. Others sign up customers for long-term agreements, and then give them 2 free months of maintenance or similar."

    The idea, obviously, is to jumpstart technology adoption in places that have historically shunned local servers. "The more the customer sees, the more they get, the more they are going to want," Hunter told me. To this end, companies that outgrow SBS 2000 can upgrade to full Windows Server products later.

    SBS 2000 SP1 will ship by the end of August, with widespread availability in September. A future release, SBS 2003, will include Windows .NET Server and SharePoint Team Services 2.0 and ship after that product line is completed late this year.

    source: Paul Thurrot in .NET Magazine Update newsletter

    winXP SP1 build 1079 released to testers and leaked

    See release doc  Pre SP1

    MSWord 2000 'offensive to lesbians,' says rock star

    found this on the register and is kind a funny:

    "Disgruntled geologist Alan Vaughan writes complaining about the grammar checker in Microsoft Word 2000, which he says denigrates lesbians. Dykes, as all good geologists know, "are thin sheets of magma that has frozen in cracks on its way up from the hot interior of the Earth."
    And other things as well, of course. In Word 2000, if you type "the dykes which cut the granite are 2m wide," the grammar checker will change it to "the dykes who cut the granite are 2m wide." Since Alan told us this we at The Register have been striving to drive politically incorrect visions of burly granite-cutting Heroines of Soviet Labour from our minds, and we suggest you good people do likewise.

    We do not, thank goodness, have a copy of Word 2000 to hand, so are unable to check on other permutations of dyke. Or indeed dike. The American Heritage Dictionary, which we consulted because it's free, and the OED isn't, tells us that a dike/dyke is "1a. An embankment of earth and rock built to prevent floods. b. Chiefly British A low wall, often of sod, dividing or enclosing lands. 2. A barrier blocking a passage, especially for protection. 3. A raised causeway. 4. A ditch; a channel. 5. Geology A long mass of igneous rock that cuts across the structure of adjacent rock."

    Or indeed "Offensive Slang - Used as a disparaging term for a lesbian." Presumably Microsoft's grammar checker designers haven't heard of any of the other meanings. Which is odd, considering what they do for a living.

    MS CRM details

    source: Sue Mosher of Slipstick in Outlook & Exchange Update newsletter  screenshots from www.baselinemag.com

    Microsoft next big new product will be the customer relationship management suite planned for US release late this year
    and international release during first quarter 2003. The product will include Sales and Service modules, which users can purchase separately or as a suite and can access through Outlook or a Web browser. In a demonstration earlier this month, David Thacher, general manager of CRM at Microsoft Business Solutions, showed how Outlook users will be able to use Microsoft CRM data offline, a real benefit for sales people who need to check those figures before making presentations topotential clients.

    Microsoft contends that companies using the familiar Outlook interface will see productivity gains faster because users won't need training on a new program. (Enhanced business productivity is one of three design goals for CRM, with the others being low total cost of ownership--TCO--and integration with existing business systems.) Microsoft designed CRM for midmarket companies, which Thacher described as organizations that have dedicated sales, service, and marketing teams but lack a large IT department to implement a CRM solution. Thacher said these companies might have between 50 and 500 employees, of whom as few as 15 or as many as 150 might use the CRM product.

    Microsoft CRM will come in both Standard and Professional versions. The Pro version will include extra features such as workflow and email management (preferably using a connection to Exchange Server). In addition, the Pro version will integrate with Microsoft Great Plains and newly acquired Navision applications for back-office management. Thacher said third-party application developers will be able to take advantage of an embedded Microsoft BizTalk Server to integrate with Microsoft CRM. The Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) will release a software development kit (SDK) for CRM integration. Microsoft CRM won't be an off-the-shelf program, though. The product will be available through various Microsoft partners who will get sales and integration training this fall, during the final stages of the current beta.

                   click pics to see larger pics!

    Microsoft built CRM on Microsoft SQL Server, using the new C# language for Microsoft .NET. Thacher said CRM will be the company's first .NET business application. The Service module will let companies build a knowledge base of past cases and their solutions, and the Sales and Service modules will integrate so that sales reps can keep tabs on any recently reported customer problems. Built-in tools will let CRM administrators add data fields, build workflows, and make other changes to adapt the product to their company. Thacher said the interface won't be completely customizable but demonstrat<<Selection in Document>>ed that when users change a form (e.g., to add a new field), the altered form will work in both Outlook and Web browser clients.

    One feature from Microsoft's original plan for CRM won't make it into version 1.0: the ability to build a customer portal from the CRM knowledge base and other data. Thacher said that feature is still in the works for a later release. Thacher also said that Microsoft plans to port key functionality from Microsoft CRM to bCentral--Microsoft's set of hosted application services for small business--removing any features that small businesses might consider overkill.

    W2K SP3 v3.154.2 released and leaked

    "Thank you for all your help in testing Windows 2000 Service Pack 3. We are getting very close to our final build and would appreciate it if you could download and test our current release candidate without delay". (suggesting RTM is next/very close -Ed)

    The W2K SP3 contains updates for the following areas of Windows 2000 functionality:

    · Security issues, including all fixes from Windows 2000 Security Rollup Package 1

    · Operating system reliability

    · Application compatibility

    · Windows 2000 Setup

    · SP3 also includes the updates contained in the previous service packs

    NOTE: If you already have installed some of the fixes that are now in the SP3 a warning message box may pop up asking you to reinstall some of these fixes again. This happens because the file version number of the fix you installed was higher than the version number in the SP3 package. If the warning message box pops, you can ignore reinstalling the fixes and proceed with the SP3 (Build 3.151) install. Once Win2000 SP3 releases the final (RTM) build you *should* reinstall any fixes you are asked to reinstall in this warning message.

    Download: W2K SP3 v3.154.2 | Mirror 1  Thanks to Neowin.net and bunnios

    WinXP Lite Edition (WinPE) leaked

    source: Osbetas.com

    Windows Preinstallation Environment (WinPE) is a minimal operating system, based on the Windows XP kernel and contains the minimal functionality you need to run and automate Windows Setup.

    WinPE lets you create (diskpart.exe) and format (format.com) disk partitions, and gives you access to both NTFS file system partitions (with some constraints) and your internal network. The environment supports all mass storage devices that use Windows 2000 or Windows XP drivers, and you can incorporate additional drivers as new devices become available
     View Readme

    View screenshot slideshow

    Illegal XP owners beware, Microsoft has quite a suprise planned

    Microsoft is planning what could end up being quite a shock for the Windows XP warez world, and what currently looks to be one of the most amazing moves made by Microsoft since Windows Product Activation was introduced.

    Currently, Microsoft is in the works of completely rewriting the algorithm for the way Windows XP Corporate keys are generated, and is rewriting the code for Windows XP to recognize this new algorithm. This new code will be an added ‘feature’ of Service Pack 1 due out later this year.

    At the present moment, an upgrade to Windows XP SP1 from Windows XP with no SP installation will not give any problems or errors about an invalid CD-Key on a corporate version of Windows XP. This is because the new algorithm feature has been switched off in SP1 upgrades. To get to see this new feature, you would have to slipstream SP1 into the Windows XP installation media and setup Windows. Once you’ve reached the CD-key, no current Corporate Windows XP key (none of the 75 that we’ve tried) will work, as they are all invalid. Even if a corporate key is managed to be found, the chances of it working when SP1 final comes out are slim to none, as Microsoft is rumored to ‘still be working on the algorithm for SP1 for Corporate customers’.

    view whole story  from  the  source at betaone.net

    MSN Explorer v7.02.0005.2201 Released

    MSN 7.2 has been released. The only fix noted on the MSN Explorer info site is "Minor service improvements were made throughout MSN Explorer"

    download        source: www.activewin.com

    Exchange Server SP3 released

    Non XP news but newsworthy. MS Released Service Pack 3 for Exchange Server 2000.

    Exchange 2000 Service Pack 3 (SP3) is a cumulative service pack that provides interoperability with Microsoft Windows® .NET Server Domain Controllers, fixes to customer-reported issues, and updates based on the Microsoft Trustworthy Computing Initiative.

    release notes for SP3

    Download SP3 EX2KSP3_server.exe

    See my desktop with all new builds :-)

    Windows Media Player Series 9 beta buil 2601 leaked

    Download: WMP9      mirror
    Screenshot: WMP9

    thanks for links (neowin.net) and bunnios

    MSN Messenger 5.0 build 332 leaked

    Get it here while it lasts (Thanks HAWK)

    winXP sp1 build 1078 leaked.

    Get it from this fast server (Thanks to Hawk, Winzone)


    Release Notes .NET server RC1

    No it is not out yet and no I don't know build number but what I do have are the release notes!

    and the whole read me

    Thanks to Scoop and Bunnios

    MS releases new edition of XP (code name FreeStyle)

    Microsoft Unveils Windows XP Media Center Edition, Previously Code-Named "Freestyle"

    Newest Version of Windows Drives Forward Evolution of the Home PC

    Microsoft Corp. today announced the newest member of the Windows® XP family: Windows XP Media Center Edition. Formerly known by the code name "Freestyle," Microsoft® Windows XP Media Center Edition turns a PC into a media center that integrates digital entertainment experiences -- including live television, personal video recording (PVR), digital music, digital video, DVDs and pictures -- with the freedom of remote control access. Currently in beta testing, Microsoft will ship Windows XP Media Center Edition to OEMs in time for the holiday shopping season in the United States, Canada and Korea. It is expected to be available in Japan in the first half of 2003.

    "The PC has evolved from a tool for productivity to a device capable of entertainment, communications and so much more," said Michael Toutonghi, vice president of the Windows eHome Division at Microsoft. "Consumers desire more fun and enjoyment from their PC and want it to contribute to their lives even more creatively than it does today. The time is right for Windows XP Media Center Edition; it maps to our vision of realizing potential with technology in ways people may not have thought possible."

    Windows XP Media Center Edition's dual-purpose functionality makes it ideal for digital media enthusiasts and consumers in small, space-constrained environments, such as teen-agers, college students, young adults and families who want to use their PC for multimedia entertainment.

    "Aside from communications, digital media enjoyment is the No. 1 focus among consumers today," said Roger Kay, director of Client Computing at IDC. "Future PCs for the home will look more like entertainment devices, and Windows XP Media Center Edition has been designed to run on new hardware types built specifically to enhance the entertainment experience."

    view whole article

    Watch the Windows XP Media Center Edition Video      56K | 110K | 300K

    See more pics on this

    See Media Center homepage

    MS releases last test version of win2k sp3 (RC 3.151)

    Last night MS released the final release candidate of sp3 build 3.515. There is an express installer and the full pack.

    I just installed it on the server where this website is on.

    Part of the sp3 email:

    Dear Windows 2000 Service Pack 3 Beta Tester,

    Thank you for all your help in testing Windows 2000 Service Pack 3. We are getting very close to our final build and would appreciate it if you could download and test our current release candidate, build 3.151 without delay.

    Since we are so close to the end of this product cycle, we will need your feedback in the newsgroup right away. Please submit bug reports for any issues you may encounter. Your responsive feedback will assist us in releasing a high quality Service Pack.

    Notice the "without delay" maybe this is to kill the last week article on delay of SP3 posted on Winiformant

    Get express download!

    MS puts CAR.NET in BMW

    Driving Toward the Connected Car: BMW, Citroën, Mitsubishi, Subaru and Volvo Add Microsoft’s Embedded Operating System in New Cars

    view Press release and another one.

    Product demo video, available at 56k and 132k streams

    The official name of codename CORONA

    Corona, the codename for the new Windows Media version has its official name announced today: Windows Media 9 series. A public Beta will be launched on Sept 4th in LA by Bill Gates followed by a Technical Summit.

    View presentation of Windows Media 9 series

    Windows Media 9 SeriesVideo TrailerIntroducing Windows Media 9 Series 300K

    View Official Press Release

    Register for the summit in LA

    Building on the industry-leading Windows Media Audio and Video codecs, "Corona" introduces two new professional-level audio and video codecs. The new WMA Professional codec is the first codec to enable Web-based delivery of 6 channel surround sound with full-spectrum, full resolution audio (24 bit / 96 kHz sampling).
    A new version of the Windows Media Video (WMV) codec provides a 20% efficiency boost compared with the previous version and now introduces the ability to provide HDTV-like video quality at file sizes half that of today’s DVDs, for local playback on the PC.

    click pic for high resolution image

    Powered by National Semiconductor's Geode Processor, DigitaLibrary Is the First Home Theater Device to Include Support for Windows Media Video.
    The DigitaLibrary (TM), which is the first in Pioneer’s line of DNE products, will be launched later this year as the first home theater device to include playback support for Microsoft Windows Media Video technology.

    view official Press Release

    .NET 3657 ≠ RC1, build 3660 released still not RC1

    Well, 3657 is not RC1 as I speculated earlier on this site based on info from my sources. I did confirm that MS had all their Domain Controllers upgraded to this build of .NET, but when MS released 3660 last Saturday it specifically says it is not RC1 in the release notes.

    In an email sent to official .NET beta testers MS tells them RC1 will be released in "the coming weeks" thanks to iexbeta for the notes.

    As usual this build leaked and the unofficial distributor  did it in a special edition: 3in1 that is standard, enterprise and web edition of .NET server in 1 680 MB ISO. how is that possible? Well 95% of the installation files of the .NET edition are the same, so why put them 3 times on a CD when you can also put 1 on there and let the other two point to that 1 file (Junction points).

    MS started this technique on MSDN CD's and DVD's last year. They use a tool cdimage.exe  to do this. There is also a GUI version.
    Read a tutorial on how to make these multi OS boot CD's.

    Another great Boot CD page                            The master of BootCD's

    DirectPlay Update for DirectX 9.0 Beta 1 released

    The DirectX team has released a small update to its DirectX 9.0 beta testers, which addresses some minor network connection issues related to DirectPlay. These changes will be incorporated into DirectX 9.0 Beta 2 and may also be included in a possible DirectX 8.2 release.

     DirectPlay 9.0 Interim Release


    Messenger 5.0 build 317 beta leaked

    Updated! get workaround for logon issues with MSN Messenger 5 beta.

    1st their was MSN Messenger then Windows Messenger (replacing MSN Messenger) Now MS is working on MSN Messenger 5 to come with MSN Explorer 8.

    links  in my klip,

    Get WindowsXP.nu KLIP!








    WinXP sp1 build 1073 leaked

    The pack was built on july 9th and it runs fine ;)

    link in KLIP will work soon (refresh KLIP)

    Get WindowsXP.nu KLIP!


    MS released WinXP sp1 build 1069 to OEM partners

    and yes it has leaked, I'm sure links will follow.

    usa_1069_csd_wxpsp1.iso, 289.09 MB. Why so big? Well on MSDN the sp1 build 1050 iso was posted which had the size 235.55 MB and contained support folder and the valueadd folders just like on WinXP CD. Only the support tools were updated with new versions of May 2002. What the OEM has extra don't know yet, maybe some OEM builder tools, eHome stuff (Freestyle) or Tablet PC.

    IE6 sp1 beta build 1067 released to testers, download now!

    "The Internet Explorer Team is pleased to deliver the fifth beta release of Internet Explorer 6 SP 1! In this release are all IE 6 security patches up to and including the security patch released on May 15th which addresses Microsoft Security Bulletin MS02-023."

    Current Build: Internet Explorer 6 SP 1 Beta Version: 2800.1067 Release Date: 7/9/02

    Thanks to Neowin and Bunnios

    Links provided by Iexbeta.com !!!

     Internet Explorer 6.0 SP1 Beta (Build 2800.1067) for Windows 2000 and XP
     Internet Explorer 6.0 SP1 Beta (Build 2800.1067) for Windows 2000 and XP *Mirror* (Thanks to Fileconnect)

    Win2k sp3 release delayed; Update!   

    This is what MS sp3 guy told the sp3 beta newsgroup after I contacted him on Wininformant story:

    Windows Service Packs are ever evolving to support the needs of our customers and provide a positive experience. MSI 2.0 is a benefit to our customers and it will be included in Windows 2000 Service Pack 3 when it releases this summer.


    Thanks to Neowin.net for this.

    Microsoft has delayed the third service pack for Windows 2000--Service Pack 3 (SP3)—for an indefinite period of time, according to internal documents I viewed over the weekend. Win2K was originally due July 17, but Microsoft recently discovered several major bugs in its Microsoft Installer (MSI) 2.0 code, which was to have been bundled with the update. So now the company will remove MS 2.0 from SP3 and include the older version, MSI 1.1, instead, unless feedback from its beta testers and partners indicates that MSI 2.0 must be included. This indecision, obviously, will adversely affect the release schedule for SP3.

    "We are still facing MSI 2.0 related issues," an email mailed to the Windows development team reads. "[But] before we move ahead with a retraction plan, we want to make sure that we are doing the right thing for our customers ... we do not want to make deployment impossible for some of our partners, and we do not want to break our customer's applications … We are working hard to make the right decision."

    While the MSI mess is resolved, Microsoft is indefinitely delaying the SP3 release. "This will have a bad hit to [the] Win2K SP3 schedule," the email reads. "[So] we will not be able to release an escrow build today [which would have previously been considered a release candidate]. We will roll out a new schedule early [this] week." I have yet to hear where the new schedule places the final SP3 release, but build 3.149, which was released last week, is not the final build. I'll have more information about the Win2K SP3 release as it becomes available.

    source: Wininformant

    What I don't quit understand is that MSI 2.0 has been out since September 2001!, I'll try to get more info on this


    .NET server build 3657 = RC1

    OK this is not completely confirmed but yet, but I'm pretty sure that build 3657 will be Release Candidate 1, finally !

    Mentioned in an  earlier posting here MS locked down the builds since 3639 which means no more new features and gadgets added, just testing, bug fixes to the golden build! 1st RC2 maybe RC3 and then RTM in Q4 2002

    This build was built in june 27th and I heard MS upgraded all their Domain Controllers to this build.

    If it is true, remember you heard it here 1st!  if not, well.... shit happens.

    XP sp1 documents

    Neowin has published some new winxp-SP1 documentation

    SP1 Release Notes

     Post Beta Note

     MUI Info - Word Doc

    Server build 3657!

    UPDATE: The key was included! hidden in a file! So here is a full screenshot

    I hope too publish my screendumps of this build somewhere on Wednesday! (If my key works!)

    MS has changed the KEY algorithm because of piracy (XPkeygen)

    Read this, from MS intranet:

    "New Product Keys are required for all Server builds starting with today’s RC1 Lockdown build (build 3639). You must go to http://PKD to request new product keys for the builds that have the new algorithm. Read the below for any questions you may have.

    Why is this change necessary?

    This is our latest anti-piracy measure designed to render hacker generated product keys useless in Windows.Net

    products. With this change, previously issued server beta keys and non-Microsoft generated keys will not be accepted during setup.

    What products does this change affect?

    All SKUs in the Windows.Net server family will be affected. This includes Webserver, Standard Server, Small Business Server, Enterprise Server, and Datacenter Server. The change also affects all Windows.Net 64-bit products too."


    MSN Beta5 roadmap

    Well I have some more info on Messenger 5 from the MS developers, they are working on it, still not sure if yesterdays build is fake, I know it has some numbers and signatures wrong, but this may be a first dirty compilation, never intended to leave the MS labs.

    Roadmap messenger 5

    XP sp1 1068 leaked, link in KLIP! 1070 on its way...

    Update 2 links published in KLIP! So refresh KLIP!!

    I won't publish links every day for every build that leaks, this is just a service pack :-)

    But the guys at DriverHeaven are more fanatic then I am, so get the links over there!

    Messenger 5.0 beta?

    I got a download link for Messenger 5.0.0017 (idx04.020627-1846),  but I have to say that I think it is a fake. You could take current messenger and hack in other fileversion numbers using resource editors. Judge yourself and get the installer!

    Download via KLIP only :-)

    Get WindowsXP.nu KLIP!

    DirectX 8.1b runtime released

    Download: DirectX 8.1b for Windows 2000/XP

    Source: www.neowin.net

    Win2k SP3 RTM at July 25th

    Forgot to post this on Monday,

    The RTM data for Windows 2000 Service Pack3 is currently July 25th, don't expect it to be on MS website that day, but few days later.

    This pack has been in Beta since December, it contains a big load of fixes described in 964 Knowlegde Base articles. The current Beta status of win2k sp3 is at Release Candidate 1: build 3.140, this was released to official Beta Testers and runs on this webserver! I don't know the internal build status.

    The addition of new fixes for sp3 is closed for some time now, newly discovered bugs will be included in sp4 and may be fixed by pre-sp4 hotfixes, there are already 229 pre-sp4 fixes!!!

    MS employees not running XP were requested to test this on their machines.

    I got hold of internal documentation of SP3 which was published by Neowin.net

    964 hotfixes sp3

    Pre sp4 hotfixes

    Dont bother to download fixes from above URL's The files are zip archives which require passwords. Look up the Q number at MS Knowlegde Base and see if it can be downloaded there, if not and you really need the fix, call MS Support in your country and the password will be emailed to you for free, 1 fix per call :-)

    MS internal sp1 build at 1067

    The current state of sp1 at MS is 1067, but it is still safe inside Microsoft.

    SP1 1065 links

    I have a fast links but it is only posted in WinXP.nu KLIP :-) So refresh your KLIP or

    Get WindowsXP.nu KLIP!

     but first install this (NO SPYWARE!!, just KLIP viewer)

    History of Windows according to Microsoft

    MS posted an article on the history of Windows, nice for you Windows freaks, when did you first use Windows??? I did at Win 3.0.

    1st PC I used was apple II back in 1984, later Comador 64, after that I found girls more interesting ;-)

    In 1994 I started using PC's again and it got out of hand, now I'm stuck in IT business, but I like it!

    "This article summarizes Microsoft's decades-long effort to evolve Windows from a single, one-size-fits-all desktop operating system for everyone into a robust family of server and desktop operating systems.

    On November 10, 1983, Microsoft announced Microsoft Windows, an extension of the MS-DOS® operating system that would provide a graphical operating environment for PC users. Microsoft called Windows 1.0 a new software environment for developing and running applications that use bitmap displays and mouse pointing devices. With Windows, the graphical user interface (GUI) era at Microsoft had begun.

    The release of Windows XP in 2001 marked a major milestone in the Windows desktop operating system family, by bringing together the two previously separate lines of Windows desktop operating systems.

    With the upcoming release of Windows .NET Server, Microsoft will complete a cycle of server operating system upgrades it began nearly a decade ago in 1993, with the release of the first version of Microsoft Windows NT® Server. To understand the progression of Windows server operating systems you have to look back earlier than 1993, however, to the even longer line of Windows desktop operating systems stretching back to the early 1980s.

    To explain the many advances since Windows 1.0, the following pages summarize milestones in the development of Windows desktop operating systems at Microsoft."

    View whole article at MS
    Source: Wininsider.com

    Get WinXP.nu KLIP !!!

    Get WindowsXP.nu KLIP! This tools show little windows on your desktop, in this Windows headlines from newsites you subscribe to appear.

    this is the proggie


    winXP sp1 build 1065 leaked,

    These guys are first ! http://www.driverheaven.net/thread.php?id=2077

    Try this, will be up soon I hope :


    Cumulative Patch for Windows Media Player

    This is a cumulative patch that includes the functionality of all previously released patches for Windows Media Player 6.4, 7.1 and Windows Media Player for Windows XP. In addition, it eliminates the following three newly discovered vulnerabilities one of which is rated as critical severity, one of which is rated moderate severity, and the last of which is rated low severity:

    Get patch for XP (will be on WindowsUpdate too!)

    view article and get patches for other OS

    DirectX 8.1b released

    Download: DirectX 8.1b Redist Package

    Build xp sp1 1063 leaked, no links

    Pic (thanks to arnaudt)


    this sp was made on june 21st

    New build winXP sp1 beta: 1060 released internally, get it!

    Today MS internally released a new build of Windows XP service Pack 1; build 1060. first public release was 1050.

    It is leaked, it installed fine, did not notice any change yet. This build was made on 18th of june.

    Links may be busy or down

    Download (iexbeta.com)



    Finally Software Update Services is out

    SUS has been released, now administrators can have there own WindowsUpdate server whcih is in sync with the WindowsUpdate server on the Internet.
    After the admin has tested the patch it can be autimaticly be installed on clients within hours after the release!

    Software Update Services Flash Demo
    Watch this demo to get an overview of the core features, functionality and benefits of using Software Update Services.

    Software Update Services Components and Features
    Get a high-level overview of the components that make up the Software Update Services solution

    Take a Closer Look

    Download Software Update Services -- Client
    Windows automatic updating is a Windows feature that notifies you when critical updates are available for your computer. Download and install to receive notifications of critical Windows updates.

    Download Software Update Services -- Server
    Designed to simplify the process of keeping your Windows-based computer up-to-date with the latest critical updates, Software Update Services enables administrators to quickly and reliably deploy critical updates to their Windows 2000-based servers.

    MS released build .NET server 3647 internally

    MS released a new build internally, so not to the official beta testers.

    Vitrually every day the build lab turns out the next build which is automatically tested and given a RATI rating (the system used by QA/test.  It is graded red/yellow/green.  yellow means a few bugs - can be installed for test on internal machines.  Red would be critical bugs, green - virtually no bugs.
    the build numbers you see are truly indicative of the number of builds, with the build 3628 (whistler) being the 3628'th build of NT.... etc. (thanks to Keith for this info)

    Microsoft moves XP service pack forward

    Microsoft is being forced to ship the product earlier than it wished to because of problems OEMs and integrators have encountered.

    full aricle

    Microsoft to Add DynaZip Compression to XP

    The next version of Windows XP (which I assume means Longhorn and not XP SP1) will replace the current Compressed Folders feature with the compression technology used by Inner Media DynaZip. "This agreement further validates DynaZip's high-performance, reliability and compatibility with the standard PKWare ZIP file format," said Inner Media's president Neil Rosenberg. And, as any XP user could tell you, the Compressed Folders feature isn't exactly a great performer, so I'm sure DynaZip's technology will be faster. Good news, Windows fans.
    source: wininformant

    Another security Fix

    Unchecked Buffer in Remote Access Service Phonebook Could Lead to Code Execution (Q318138)
    This update resolves the "Unchecked Buffer in Remote Access Service Phonebook Could Lead to Code Execution" security vulnerability in Windows XP. This vulnerability is the result of an unchecked buffer in the Remote Access Service (RAS) Phonebook. Download now to eliminate this vulnerability by instituting proper input checking on the RAS phonebook entries.

    Click link above for whole article. Get Patch

    2 New security fixes, 1 results in Messenger build 4.6.0082

    Unchecked Buffer in Gopher Protocol Handler Can Run Code of Attacker's Choice (Q323889)
    If you are one of the 3 Gopher users in the world get the fix for IE, Proxy 2 and ISA when there done, keep checking aboe URL

    Unchecked Buffer in MSN Chat Control Can Lead to Code Execution (Q321661)

    Originally posted: May 08, 2002
    Updated: June 11, 2002

    Download Locations for Updated Software Versions

    My XP forum passed 30,000 member milestone!

    The Forum of this site is on MSN Community, it is 1 year old and just approved the 30,000th member! They are not all active members, but hell this is a lot!!!
    Check yourself at http://forum.windowsxp.nu you need a MS Passport to join in.

    Microsoft Windows Update Becomes Big Brother.....
    The following information can be found as Windows Update, and then click on About Windows Update in the left side bar, and then scroll down to Windows Update Privacy Statement. The points that I stress, and believed have been updated since recently are in bold:

    Windows Update Privacy Statement
    Windows Update is committed to protecting your privacy. To provide you with the appropriate list of updates, Windows Update must collect a certain amount of configuration information from your computer. This information includes:

    Operating-system version number and Product Identification number

    Internet Explorer version number

    Version numbers of other software

    Plug and Play ID numbers of hardware devices
    The Product Identification number is collected to confirm that you are running a validly licensed copy of Windows. A validly licensed copy of Windows ensures that you will receive on-going updates from Windows Update. Windows Update does not collect your name, address, e-mail address, or any other form of personally identifiable information. The configuration information collected is used only for the period of time that you are visiting the site, and is not saved.

    To provide you with the best possible service, Windows Update also tracks and records how many unique machines visit its site and whether the download and installation of specific updates succeeded or failed. In order to do this, Windows generates a Globally Unique Identifier (GUID) that is stored on your computer to uniquely identify it. Windows Update records the GUID of the computer that attempted the download, the ID of the item that you attempted to download and install, and information about your operating system version and Internet Explorer version.

    Because Windows Update does not collect personally identifiable information, the configuration information and GUID cannot be used to identify you.

    Source: Neowin


    Mira Troubles, will it be a success?

    View whole article

    Security Bugfix:

    Unchecked Buffer in ASP.NET Worker Process (Q322289) Microsoft Security Bulletin MS02-026 V1.0 (June 06, 2002)

    When working with Microsoft ASP.NET, a component of the Microsoft .NET Framework provides for session state management through a variety of modes. One such mode, called StateServer, stores session state information in a separate running process that can run on either the same machine as the ASP.NET-based application or on a different machine. An unchecked buffer in one of the routines handles the processing of cookies in StateServer mode, resulting in a security vulnerability.

    Operating System - Windows NT 4.0 & 2000, Win XP

    Download Now
    NDP10_QFEM_Q322289_En.exe - 1,205 Kb

    2nd Messenger Server Maintenance in 3 days:

    MSN Messenger Maintenance Alert 6:48 AM GMT+1
    MSN Messenger will shut down for maintenance in 5 minute(s).
    You will automatically be signed out at that time. Please finish any
    conversations in progress.

    After the maintenance has been completed, you will be able to
    successfully sign in.

    Well it is 8.26 am now and server is still down....

    SP1 eXPress is 1.7 MB, after running, it analyses your system and downloads necessary files

    Search filemirrors!

    Other langauges German Japanese English

    This is BETA software!

    It expires in 180 days, no problem cause final sp1 is out august 14th!

    Bugfix: WMI AccessCheck Receives Local Administrator's SID

    The IWbemEventProviderSecurity::AccessCheck method is used by WMI event providers to check access permissions. This check occurs when a consumer tries to subscribe to an event. By definition, the AccessCheck method is passed the security identifier (SID) of the user who is trying to create the event registration. The consumer is permitted to subscribe to the event only if the consumer has access permission for the event. If this permission does not exist, the subscription is prevented. With Windows XP, when a permanent WMI event consumer is registered by a member of the local administrators group, the event provider's AccessCheck method is passed the local administrators group SID instead of the individual user's SID.

    Whole Article    Download Fix

    Workaround to install SP1 on corp XP!!


    IF you installed WinXP corp edition

    and by accident used the Volume License Key: FCK....

    and some stranger emailed you XP sp1 Beta

    and you want to install the XP sp1 beta

    and you have your own correct VLK

    Follow these instructions:

    0. Run a system resore to create a new checkpoint in case you need it.
    1. Run regedit and go to: HKey_Local_Machine\Software\Microsoft\WindowsNT\Current Version\WPAEvents, on the right double click on "oobetimer" and change at least one digit of this value to deactivate windows.
    2. Choose run from start menu and type in this command: %systemroot%\system32\oobe\msoobe.exe /a to get the activation screen and go to the second option which is activate by phone.
    3. In the new screen choose the option to change product key, and type in the new product key (your Corporate one only).
    3a. If it brings you back to the prior screen after entering the new key click remind me later and then reboot.
    4. Close that window, reboot your system and enter the command in step 2 for the second time to verify your activation , you should see "windows is already activated".
    4.1 Now install SP1
    5. If you have done this wrong or without a valid key you will not be able to boot. hit F8 and select last known good configuration

    Get Messenger 4.7 ripped from XP SP1 beta

    This WILL install on any Windows XP edition and Windows 2000

    Updated now with installer

    Messenger 4.7 build 0031



    XP SP1 released to testers (With great thanks to Bunnios!!!)

    Windows XP sp1 is released to testers, sp1 expires in 180 days, by that time sp1 final is out :-)

    Pic of WinBeta Site

    System Prop


    Schedule AutoUpdate

    Set Default Programs

    Style XP gices error, but works fine

    Microsoft® Windows® XP Home Edition, Windows XP Professional, and Windows XP 64-Bit Edition for the Integrated Service Pack (SPnotes.htm)

    Microsoft Windows XP Readme for Service Pack 1 (ReadMeSP.htm)

    Install pics

    Messenger 4.7 pic1

    Messenger 4.7 Pic 2

    Messenger 4.7 Pic3

    After 10 months since Gold release of XP 25 hotfixes installed via Windows Update

    Q282010 Windows XP Hotfix (SP1) [See Q282010 for more information]
    Q306676 Windows XP Hotfix (SP1) [See Q306676 for more information]
    Q307869 Windows XP Hotfix (SP1) [See Q307869 for more information]
    Q308210 Windows XP Hotfix (SP1) [See Q308210 for more information]
    Q309376 Windows XP Hotfix (SP1) [See Q309376 for more information]
    Q309521 Windows XP Hotfix (SP1) [See Q309521 for more information]
    Q309691 Windows XP Hotfix (SP1) [See Q309691 for more information]
    Q310437 Windows XP Hotfix (SP1) [See Q310437 for more information]
    Q310507 Windows XP Hotfix (SP1) [See Q310507 for more information]
    Q310510 Windows XP Hotfix (SP1) [See Q310510 for more information]
    Q311542 Windows XP Hotfix (SP1) [See Q311542 for more information]
    Q311889 Windows XP Hotfix (SP1) [See Q311889 for more information]
    Q311967 Windows XP Hotfix (SP1) [See Q311967 for more information]
    Q313484 Windows XP Hotfix (SP1) [See Q313484 for more information]
    Q314147 Windows XP Hotfix (SP1) [See Q314147 for more information]
    Q314862 Windows XP Hotfix (SP1) [See Q314862 for more information]
    Q315000 Windows XP Hotfix (SP1) [See Q315000 for more information]
    Q315403 Windows XP Hotfix (SP1) [See Q315403 for more information]
    Q316397 Windows XP Hotfix (SP1) [See Q316397 for more information]
    Q317277 Windows XP Hotfix (SP1) [See Q317277 for more information]
    Q318388 Windows XP Hotfix (SP1) [See Q318388 for more information]
    Q318966 Windows XP Hotfix (SP1) [See Q318966 for more information]
    Q319580 Windows XP Hotfix (SP1) [See Q319580 for more information]
    Q319949 Windows XP Hotfix (SP1) [See Q319949 for more information]
    Q320174 Windows XP Hotfix (SP1) [See Q320174 for more information]

    Bug Fix:

    When you try to open a file through a network share by using the SMB protocol, the file may take a long time to open.

    Article: A Long Time Is Needed to Open a File By Using SMB

    Download Q309376_WXP_SP1_x86_enu.exe now (for other languages see the article!)

    Bug Fix:

    After you connect to a Web site, you may receive the following error message:

    A file that is required to run search companion cannot be found. You may need to run setup.

    After you receive this error message, you cannot use Search Companion to search for files or folders, or to search the Internet. The options to search for files or folders, or to search the Internet, are unavailable

    Article: Windows XP Search Companion Does Not Work Because of Corruption

    Download the Q319949 package now

    Will WinXPsp1 Beta leak?

    A lot of nerds like me, can't wait to get their hands on WinXP sp1 beta, but MS build some kind of check in it so they can trace which MS Employee  or partner leaked it.
    They do this also with the .NET ISO's

    .NET 3628 Released to testers

    On june 1st MS released another Beta build of .NET, rumors were that build 3635 would be released last monday, but the build appeared instable. If the rumoured build was indeed 3635, I don't know.

    WindowsBeta site screenshot


    WindowsXP SP1 RTM August 14 !

    Beta 1 of XP sp has been released internally at MS. RTM is scheduled for August 14. Scroll a bit down for more info on XP sp1. The release Notes:

    What is SP1?
    Windows XP Service Pack 1 includes bug fixes (over 1700) and product updates
    released since build 2600 (RTM). The updates include support for USB 2.0 and
    a supported version of IPv6.

    The SP1 CD will include some eHome components such as support for Tablet PC,
    Mira and Freestyle.

    The Service Pack package will update both XP Professional and Home editions.
    Windows XP Professional 64-bit edition will also have an SP1 version.
    What is the release schedule?
    Note: dates are always subject to change.

    The XP SP1 beta schedule is at Beta is scheduled to begin May 31, 2002 for
    English and German. A Japanese version is scheduled for two weeks later;
    June 14, 2002.

    XP SP1 is scheduled for release (RTW) on August 14, 2002. The English and
    German versions will be released on August 14th, and other localized
    language version will be released according to the schedule at What does it
    add to my system?
    USB 2.0
    XP SP1 includes drivers to support USB 2.0 devices. Windows Catalog lists
    third party hardware that supports USB 2.0 and that are compatible with
    Windows XP.
    USB 2.0 is an enhancement to USB 1.x and increases maximum transfer rates to
    Windows XP shipped with a developer’s version of IPv6. Microsoft provides no
    support whatsoever for that version in a production environment. It is for
    testing and development only.
    SP1 contains an update to IPv6. The SP1 version is supported. If installed,
    the updated version of IPv6 is listed in the Local Area Connection
    For more information about IPv6 see the Microsoft internal site http://ipv6,
    or the external site http://www.microsoft.com/ipv6
    SP1 add support in Windows XP for Mira. Mira is the code name for software
    and hardware technology supporting portable display devices. The primary
    technologies involved are; Windows XP on the Base Station, CE .NET and
    802.11 on the display device.
    For more information about Mira see the internal site http://teamsts/mira or
    the external site http://www.microsoft.com/windowsxp/mira/default.asp
    SP1 adds support in Windows XP for Freestyle. Freestyle is the codename for
    software and hardware technology supporting remote control of the PC. The
    focus is on remote control of video, audio, photos, and TV from within the
    PC. For more information about Freestyle see

    Mira and Freestyle are intended for home users, not a corporate environment.

    Tablet PC
    SP1 includes support for Tablet PCs. Major computer vendors are expected to
    release models in the second half of 2002. For additional information about
    the Table PC see http://www.microsoft.com/windowsxp/tabletpc/



    This site now runs on Windows 2000 with beta build of Service Pack 3 RC 3.140 Let's hope for the best!

    Messenger servers in maintenance

    Today at 9.03 am GMT+1 I received a message from Messenger:
    "Windows Messenger will shut down for maintenance in 2 minute(s).  You will automatically be signed out at that time. Please finish any conversations in progress .After the maintenance has been completed, you will be able to successfully sign in."

    Hmmm, but checking the .NET service status says:

    Service   Current Status
      .NET Messenger Service   All systems go


    Release New Beta Build .NET server delayed

    Monday WindowsXP.nu reported that a new release of .NET beta was to be expected, this was true.
    Apparently this build was unstable and the release was withdrawn.
    This info reached WindowsXP.nu indirectly from Windows Product Manager himself: John Gray.

    Build 3635 was planned to be released to testers this week

    Tray Helper 1.8 Nice tool

    No BlueTooth in XP sp1:

    "Bluetooth support is delayed until the fall because there aren't enough devices yet to fully test it. This is what happened with USB 2.0 and the Gold release of XP, Microsoft says. They're going to ship Bluetooth drivers with the Bluetooth keyboard and mouse that's due in October."


     Internet Explorer 6.0 SP1 Beta (Build 2800.1041) for Windows 2000 and XP

    Direct X 9 beta (thanks to www.neowin.net)

     DX9 b1 for win98/Me/W2K/XP @ The Digital Resource
     DX9 b1 for win98/Me/W2K/XP @ HW Support

                          DirectX 9 Power Point Presentation

    This update includes new Plus! CD Label Maker templates and Plus! Speaker Enhancement speaker profiles. It also fixes minor issues with Plus! MP3 Audio Converter and Plus! screen savers, discovered since the release of Plus! for Windows XP. This will update your version of Plus! for Windows XP to version “

     Download : PlusServicePack_01.exe (385KB) (thanks to www.xp-erience.org)

    Windows XP SP1 info:

    windows XP SP1 is coming somewhere between July and September, Beta will start soon.

    SP1 will include all bug/security fixes, Messenger 4.7.
    Support for: Tablet PCs, Mira display devices, Freestyle PC's, USB 2.0,  NO BlueTooth!!

    SP1 won't install on XP systems using the leaked Volume License Key (FCKGW-RHQQ2-.......) it will also disable WindowsUpdate on those systems. There are already ways to overcome this, I won't post it on the site, but will publish it in my newsletter!

    Better options on the Desktop for 3rd Party Middleware, so OEM and end users can choose Netscape over IE or Real over Windows Media Player, ICQ over messenger...

    Articles on SP1:

    XP makeover highlights antitrust tweaks - Tech News - CNET.com

    PCWorld.com - Microsoft Upgrades XP With Service Pack

    Paul Thurrott's SuperSite for Windows Windows XP Service Pack 1 Preview

    Windows XP Pre-SP1 Hotfixes list


    XP fixes (some are / will be on Windows Update too)

    Q321232 IE 6 Security Update 15 May

    Jet Database Engine ServicePack 6     Article

    Build Windows Messenger

    Cannot Standby or Hibernate with a Direct3D Screen Saver Running 3D Update

    Problems Viewing, Editing, or Printing Some Images in Windows XP GDI Update

    Windows XP Security Patch Internet Information Services Security Roll-up Package IIS 5.1

    Q311967: Unchecked buffer in the Multiple UNC Provider Could Enable Code Execution

    Compact Disc Recorded in Windows XP Is Missing Files or Folders or Is Unreadable (Q320174)

    Get Updated SNMP security fix for XP

    Get Security update for Java Virtual Machine

    You Receive a "System Has Recovered from a Serious Error" Message After Every Restart (Q317277) - Download Fix

    The Original Keyboard Layout Is Used After You Configure a New Default Input Method Editor (Q318388) - Download Fix

    Windows XP Real-Time Communication Client Support for Network Address Translation (Q316397) - Download Fix

    Windows XP Security Patch: SMTP Rollup - Download Fix

    Stop 0x000000ED Error Message When Volume on IDE Drive with Caching Enabled Is Mounted (Q315403) - Download Fix



    Pre RC1 build 3621 is released to testers on April 26th.

    11 March a product Manager from Microsoft said on a seminar in Amsterdam, that .NET server will be released in Q1 2003

    Compare the .NET server editions at MS .NET server Website

    See Beta3 pics at Winsupersite!

    Many updates are available on WindowsUpdate for .NET beta 3 servers !!!!

    Change your .NET server build 3615 into WinXP Pro sp1!

    The difference between Server and workstation editions of the OS is in a few regisrty settings. Changing these settings in NT4 workstation can make it NT4 Server. There's nothing new on this. But while .NET server is in Beta en WinXP pro is already out, changing these settings on the latest .NET server build gives you an interesting result: WIndowsXP Pro with SP1 !

    Of course SP1 is not done yet just like .NET is not done yet, but you have a newer OS then WinXP. Also you can install apps that normally don't run on a server edition and Vice Versa.

    The tool for this is NTSwitch (use it at own risk)

    MS demanded removal of  the tool at some download sites, but you can still get it.

    Go to www.filemirrors.com and search for a file named NTSwitch, some of the resulted URL's still work!

    This tool can change Server/Professional on NT4, Win2k and .NET/XP

    More info ADTW - Converting .NET Server to XP Pro
    source: iexbeta.com

    Here are pics of Home Edition transferred to .NET standard Server (German)

    Internet's largest XP forum!

    Have problems or need help with XP? Looking for XP downloads?
    Subscribe to my  forum by joining the WinXP community!

    It has grown to one of the largest MSN communities!! ( actual membercount )
    Join now!


    Try Internet's largest collection of Windows XP links --> scroll down!


    Launch !!!!

    So XP is launched, see the full video of the launch in NY. TIP, get the ASF recorder so you can download the full video at high resolution and watch when ever you want without downloading it again!
    XP launch in NY Video

    Commercial Video (thanks to www.Neowin.net )

    So what's next? Longhorn !

    View the video's (fake)

     Windows Longhorn Build 277 part 2

      Windows Longhorn Build 277 thanks to MSbetas.net

    I promised Longhorn screenshot but I only have one rather disappointing pic, but I guarantee it is real.

    So beta freaks what's next? windows XP Service Pack 1 (mira support), .NET server and the Tablet PC are still in the making, but for the desktop projects with codename Longhorn and Blackcomb are started. Longhorn will be the next update to windows XP (2003), it will be a minor update (NT 5.3)
    Blackcomb will be the successor of LongHorn (2005) which will be a major update. Guess what first things of longhorn leaked and its its wallpaper! Get that and more screenshots true or fake in my

    Get the blackcomb demo video (this was made before was decided longhorn would come first! it seems to be a video presenting future possibilities of Windows, but it is not Blackcomb, because there is no Blackcomb yet)



    So you think the "Blackcomb" Video is cool? Take a look at this video from MS Research, it is a 3D Windows Desktop; Task Gallery. The video was made in 1999.

    View/Download the Video here

    More on this on the MS Research Site



    Tablet XP is coming ! view Video of the Tablet PC, again use ASF-Recorder !

    More info on Tablet PC Talk - Your place for Tablet PC News and FAQs

    "Freestyle": New interface for extended PC media experiences:

    "Freestyle" technologies will enable you to enjoy the Windows XP media experience you want comfortably and easily from anywhere in the room.


    View the WebCast of CEC with presentation of Freestyle by Billy:

    Webcast 256K - 56K use ASF-Recorder !


    More info



    Free DNS service: yourpc.windowsxp.nu
    already hosting 600 hostnames

    You have a continues Internet connection? You have a static IP address?
    I set up an DNS service so you can easily remember and connect to your PC over the Internet!
    Now it maybe like adsl-376287-KLS.yourISP.com or node-62543.yourisp.com or maybe you just use your IP address. How about yourPC.windowsxp.
    nu !!

    Due to high demand new requests are temporally stopped.

    Usually it should be up in a week

    If you have a web or FTP server enabled on your PC you have an easy URL to pass to your friends.

    Or take over your XP PC at home with the RDP client from anywhere in the world!

    Note: This is and will stay a free nice-to-have service of bink.nu with no support or guarantee whatsoever!!

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