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Hi Folks!


Here is the long awaited new issue of Bink's NewsFlash.

I you are a MS nerd or network admin you're gonna like this issue, again ;-) had a few News premieres since last issue, read on and find out.


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XP Logo SP1 comming on August 14th!

Last issue I mentioned winXP sp1 alpha was released internally. May 31st MS released the first and maybe only beta version of SP1 internally. was the 1st to bring this nerd news! Soon the official beta testers will receive a copy to test.


SP1 does not only fix bugs:

SP1 will include all bug/security fixes, Messenger 4.7.
Support for: Tablet PCs, Mira display devices, Freestyle PC's, USB 2.0,
NO BlueTooth!! "Bluetooth support is delayed until the fall because there aren't enough devices yet to fully test it. This is what happened with USB 2.0 and the Gold release of XP, Microsoft says. They're going to ship Bluetooth drivers with the Bluetooth keyboard and mouse that's due in October."

SP1 won't install on XP systems using the leaked Volume License Key (FCKGW-RHQQ2-.......) it will also disable WindowsUpdate on those systems. Wow this will have an impact ! I know that a lot of people use this key, but I guess there will be a work around within days of release.

Better options on the Desktop for 3rd Party Middleware, so OEM and end users can choose Netscape over IE or Real over Windows Media Player, ICQ over messenger...

View the release notes that appeared 1st on !

Articles on SP1:

XP makeover highlights antitrust tweaks - Tech News - - Microsoft Upgrades XP With Service Pack

Paul Thurrott's SuperSite for Windows Windows XP Service Pack 1 Preview

Windows XP Pre-SP1 Hotfixes list


Longhorn moviez

In April a Flash movie of "LongHorn", the next version of Windows, apeared on the Internet.

At first it lookes genuine, later a second movie was leaked via my site. I posted it.

Looking in it deeper it seemed to be a fake. Contacting the source for more proof resulted in the silent treatment from the "author"

Anyway he did a nice job and had us entertained for a while.

View the fake videos:

Windows Longhorn Build 277 part 2

Windows Longhorn Build 277 thanks to

Longhorn screenshot, I only have one rather disappointing pic, but I guarantee it is real.

Release Candidate 3.140

Last week MS released a release candidate of win2k sp3, it has been over a year since sp2 was released. Expect this pack to reach final in August, maybe same day as XP sp1 (August 14th)

Some changes include Windows Installer (msi) was updated from 1.3 (SP2 level) to 2.0 rendering some installers completely useless (Trend Micro™ PC-cillin 2000 are affected)

Others are a direct response to Security concerns and implementation of fixes ASAP with the addition of Automatic Updates to the Control Panel of Windows 2000. This feature was limited to Windows Millennium & Windows XP respectively but has now found its way into Windows 2000 through SP3 making this as significant as SP3 was to Windows NT 4.0 in its day.

Another is a completely new feature also expected to debut in Windows XP SP1 and is also a response to the recent developments in the Antitrust trial against Microsoft. It is called Configure Programs and is sub level to Add/Remove Programs. It lets you decide when you have more than one browser, email, media player, instant messenger, java vm installed which will be the main program used throughout the system. It also lets you "hide" core components like Internet Explorer which will be a useful tool for OEM's no doubt.

It looks like its ripped straight out of XP SP1 (which is yet to go Beta) because it uses the new icon format which is not displayed correctly in Windows 2000, we can live with that cant we.. it is after all a point and click one time configure thing. This is only on win2k Pro, cause server editions don't get the icon.

Kudos to Microsoft on this.. they actually went ahead and made it possible to disable thier own intergrated apps within its own released OS. Lets hope this is more than enough for AOL/Netscape types and that they dont find a way to configure this app behind our backs (I dread the thought of Netscape configuring my OS wide Media Player to its "Free Real Player" ). Enjoy the screenshots and thanks to our man behind the scenes Vla (Neowin) for sending them over.

Screenshot: of the Automatic Update Panel within Windows 2000 SP3
Screenshot: of the Configure Programs within Add/Remove in Windows 2000 SP3

Bugfix input for SP3 has stopped, alle new bugfixes are for win2k sp4 ! There are already 171 fixes ready for SP4 !!!!!!!!

I'm running this sp3 on my server and all is still OK !



another SP1 beta build released and leaked

Last week MS released Build 2800.1041 of IE6 SP1. Despite other minor improvements, build 2800.1041 also incorporates the security update that has been issued for previous versions of Microsoft's web-browser on May 15.

Get the beta sp1


Office 11

Last issue I reported on a leaked presentation (flash movie) f Office NGO (Next Generation Office). Soon after that I had another premiere on my site. I got screenshots of the alpha build of Office NGO/ Office .NET / Office 11.

It does not install well on Win2k even with .NET Framework installed, but runs fine on XP.

There is also a new member called scribbler. The screendumps are made on a WinXP machine with default Theme.

You can see a kind of theme applied to office which is the same as on the video.

Don't be disappointed by the GUI or declare it fake. This is an alpha build of Office .NET, the early builds of Windows XP (Whistler) looked just like Windows 2000.

This build is NOT available for download, it is internally used for testing at MS and that is where I got the pics from. .NET Screendumps .NET Screendumps

See also on

1st look at Office 11

New post sp1 fixes


Server Pre-RC1 build 3628 released

Still no RC1 build, when it is RC1 I'll install it on my main server, just like I did in the Win2k beta period. RTM of .NET server is now set back q4 2002, last month rumors were that the release was postponed to Q1 2003.

No worthy issues to mention on this build. Well there's one :-)

Monday reported that a new release of .NET beta was to be expected, this was true.
Apparently this build was unstable and the release was withdrawn.
This info reached indirectly from Windows Product Manager himself: John Gray.

Build 3635 was planned to be released to testers this week, hmmm and 3628 was released, so 3635 may just have been a rumour....

Microsoft(R) Systems Management ServerDownload the latest service pack

Upgrade now to Service Pack 4, which addresses many of the key issues with Systems Management Server that have been recorded in the Microsoft Knowledge Base.

List of Fixes in Systems Management Server 2.0 Service Pack 4 (Q308269)

Notable Fixes and Design Changes in SP4

 Deploying SMS Service Packs

Get the 200 MB SP (English).


Microsoft(R) SQL Server(TM)7.0 Service Pack 4

SQL Server 7.0 Service Pack 4 (SP4) addresses specific issues that were discovered in SQL Server 7.0 and Microsoft Data Engine (MSDE) 1.0 since their ship date. Because SQL Server Service Packs are cumulative.

SQL Server 7.0 SP4 is provided as a single executable (.exe) file. This download includes:

  • Data Engine.
  • Database client utilities, such as SQL Server Enterprise Manager and osql for SQL Server 7.0.
  • Database client connectivity components, such as the OLE DB Provider for SQL Server, the SQL Server Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) driver, and the client Net-Libraries.

Note: SQL Server 7.0 SP4 does not include any updates for the online analytical processing (OLAP) services components of SQL Server 7.0. For the latest updates of these components, download the OLAP portion of SQL Server 7.0 SP3.

·  Readme.htm for SQL Server 7.0 SP4

·  Fixlist for SQL Server 7.0 SP4

Get the SP (43 MB)


Intel(R) Application Accelerator 2.2

Last issue I discussed this, april 22nd Intel released version 2.2

Release Notes



v:shapes="_x0000_i1035">DirectX 9 beta released and........ yes it leaked

Before installing realize:


Download the web install of DX9 beta Thanks to WindowsMAX



Deploy IE with grouppolicies


Here is a great admin tip from a collegue of mine,


Msi wrappers to deploy Internet Explorer 5.x or 6.x using group policies in a Windows 2000 environment.

After you assign the package using a GPO, Windows Installer Service installs Internet Explorer automatically when the users start their computers. The users do not choose to install Internet Explorer. After the Internet Explorer installation is finished, the system reboots before a user is able to log on.

After the reboot an ordinary user can log on the system and no local administrator permissions are required to finish the Internet Explorer registration process.

Only a local administrator can remove the assigned software.

More information can be found in the attached README.TXT. These msi wrappers are loosely based on MS KB Q265048 article. The msi wrappers were created using Wise for Windows Installer 3.11.


  • Use at your own risk. All worked fine in my test environment, but please
    do your own testing!

·         I cannot provide any support.

·         Feedback about your experiences is very much appreciated!

·         Again, use at your own risk.

Have fun,

V. van Egmond


· [ieXsetup.msi] (172k)

This article was posted earlier on a great resource for Network administrators!

Microsoft Windows 2000 Datacenter ServerApply SP2 and hotfixes to win2k datacenter

Datacenter was released after sp1 and so already has sp1 in it!

For SP2? Officially your are not able to use the update.exe to install or sliptream Datacenter to SP2 level.

MS restricted this cause applying a SP to a high end system like datacenter requires skills and can only be done by the engineers of the hardware vendor. So when you try you get the following error:

For those who managed to get a copy of win2k Datacenter for personal testing :-) is the first to publish tools to patch the original version of update.exe or hotfix.exe, which ignores the win2k datacenter check.!

Update.exe patch tool

hotfix.exe patch tool


Planning to Delpoy XP in your corporate network?

Be sure to check this great resource search engine:

Desktop Deployment Resource Center





Search Microsoft-related sites using Google


Google made a special search engine for MS related stuff!

And what a disappointment! Normally when you search Google on "windowsxp" My site pops up as 2nd result just behinf MS! This is correct :-) But in the new search engine I'm not even on the 1st page !!!!


So dont use this ;-)



This update includes new Plus! CD Label Maker templates and Plus! Speaker Enhancement speaker profiles. It also fixes minor issues with Plus! MP3 Audio Converter and Plus! screen savers, discovered since the release of Plus! for Windows XP. This will update your version of Plus! for Windows XP to version “  (thanks to

 Download : PlusServicePack_01.exe (385KB)



I have many more downloads.....


XP fixes (some are / will be on Windows Update too)

Q321232 IE 6 Security Update 15 May

Jet Database Engine ServicePack 6     Article

Build Windows Messenger

Cannot Standby or Hibernate with a Direct3D Screen Saver Running 3D Update

Problems Viewing, Editing, or Printing Some Images in Windows XP GDI Update

Windows XP Security Patch Internet Information Services Security Roll-up Package IIS 5.1

Q311967: Unchecked buffer in the Multiple UNC Provider Could Enable Code Execution

Compact Disc Recorded in Windows XP Is Missing Files or Folders or Is Unreadable (Q320174)



Windows Update Corporate Edition


This has been announced in november 2001 and is scheduled to be released in Q2 2002, Hey ! So that means release this month!!! Hmmmm, we'll have to see on that MS is notorious on release dates.

So what are we talking about here?

Well when you are in Corporate network envirounment and you want to update your machines, you could go to WindowsUpdate with each machine, now that is a hell of a job. So MS made a corporate site of WIndows update available, but this still is a hell of a job with all those security patches.

So let's get our own WindowsUpdate server in our network! With win2k sp3 you can set clients to automaticly install updates from the update server.

The corporate Windows Update server syncronises with the MS Windows update server, so after some tests on test clienst you can easily deploy these updates to your clients!


I guess this will be released the same time as win2k sp3


View whole article




WOW, that's it. I hope all 12.373 members enjoyed it!



See ya next issue!




Amsterdam, June 6th


Steven Bink

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