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HI people. Finally another issue of Bink's NewsFlash. The subscribers has past the 10,000!! (10,989 to be exactly)

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OK this issue will contain cool downloads, fixes and tips. Read every damn letter cause I spend a lot of time on this one !! So let's go


WPAMS & Security

Like I said in my last newsflash, all MS is focusing on security and not on new features. This has resulted in new fixes, tools and documentation on security.


MS wrote a big whitepaper for Win2k security, Read or Download Security Operations Guide for Windows 2000 Server


I can post all the fixes here but there are all detected and available through tools like HFNETchk, Windows Update and MS personal Security Advisor.

When a security fix is released there is a bulletin sent out, as before I advise system admins to subscribe to this bulletin. The problem is the bulletin explains what is wrong with some MS software, it describes where the hole is and how malicious people could get in. Now that is the problem the bulletin is a manual for hackers to break in your systems. So if you' have a Windows machine connected to the Internet, subscribe to this bulletin and patch directly. Unfortunately some fixes have side affects and another version of the bulletin and patch is released some time later, so some testing before applying these fixes is advised.

Subscribe here



To test your systems for missing fixes there are several tools available to scan your systems.

Yesterday MS released a new tool MSBA: Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer. This tool is based in HFnetChk which is a command line scanner.

So now there is a GUI version which can scan local and network attached Windows systems. It not only looks for files that needs to be patched but also for insecure settings, drives and passwords.

Get it here

A web based version was available for a few months called MS personal security advisor. Today I checked to compare if both tools detected the same holes but the web based version is withdrawn as of today.


Weird thing is MSBSA keeps saying I'm missing hotfixes while they are installed, some are even in SRP1 even when I reinstall it keeps nagging me. Hmmmmm.


The command line version HFNETchk has been updated too (3.3) a while ago. Get that here


Funny thing is I just was pointed to a GUI tool for HFNETchk written by Michael Dunn which is a cool tool cause it can also install the missing fixes!

Get that here


Windows Update is up to date lately, normally security fixes were posted on Windows Update a few weeks after the bulletin was released. But now security fixes are available in 24h since release of bulletin. Also other patches or updates which were available as separate downloads are sooner available on Windows Update then before.

So check Windows Update regularly and install the "critical update notification". Nerds like me check it every day :-)


IIS security


Today MS released another IIS cumulative pack for IIS 4, IIS5, and IIS5.1 (XP)


More Info


Download locations for this patch


IE security

MS released a cumulative patch for IE in march which is also available when using the tools discussed above.

Microsoft Security Bulletin MS02-015 MS02-015 Security Patch Download Page



XP Logo Updates


These are the non-security downloads from MS for WinXP since last newsletter:

8 Apr 20024-8-2002 10:29:21

+Microsoft+Baseline+Security+Analyzer+ Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer 3776120


4 Apr 20024-4-2002 10:29:23

+Windows+XP+Patch%3A+CD+Burning+Update+ Windows XP Patch: CD Burning Update 3776320


2 Apr 20024-2-2002 10:27:38

+Windows+XP+Patch%3A+Snow+White+%26+the+Seven+Dwarves+DVD+issue+ Windows XP Patch: Snow White & the Seven Dwarves DVD issue 3765820


2 Apr 20024-2-2002 10:26:23

+Windows+XP+Security+Patch%3A+Multiple+UNC+Provider+Buffer+Overflow+Vulnerability+ Windows XP Security Patch: Multiple UNC Provider Buffer Overflow Vulnerability 3758320


28 Mar 200228-3-2002 10:25:39

+Fast+System+Startup+for+PCs+Running+Windows+XP+ Fast System Startup for PCs Running Windows XP 3753920


7 Mar 20023-7-2002 10:16:07

+Windows+XP+Patch%3A+Original+Keyboard+Layout+Appears+after+You+Configure+a+New+Default+Input+Method+Editor+%28IME%29+ Windows XP Patch: Original Keyboard Layout Appears after You Configure a New Default Input Method Editor (IME) 3696720


6 Mar 20023-6-2002 10:15:20

+Windows+XP+Patch%3A+System+Recovery+Error+Appears+After+Every+Reboot+ Windows XP Patch: System Recovery Error Appears After Every Reboot 3692020


4 Mar 20023-4-2002 10:15:11

+Windows+XP+and+%2ENET+SMS+files+ Windows XP and .NET SMS files 3691120


20 Feb 200220-2-2002 10:10:36

+Windows+XP+Security+Patch%3A++SMTP+Rollup+ Windows XP Security Patch:  SMTP Rollup 3663620


19 Feb 200219-2-2002 10:05:15

+Windows+XP+Patch%3A+Windows+Messenger+Update+for+Audio%2FVideo+and+Voice%2ENet+ Windows XP Patch: Windows Messenger Update for Audio/Video and Voice.Net 3631520


18 Feb 200218-2-2002 10:07:02

+Windows+XP+Patch%3A+NTFS+chkdsk%2Eexe+Update+ Windows XP Patch: NTFS chkdsk.exe Update 3642220


15 Feb 200215-2-2002 10:05:51

+Windows+2000+%26+Windows+XP+Group+Policy+Object+Tool+ Windows 2000 & Windows XP Group Policy Object Tool 3635120


13 Feb 200213-2-2002 10:04:22

+Windows+XP+Security+Patch%3A+Memory+Leak+in+SNMP+Vulnerability+ Windows XP Security Patch: Memory Leak in SNMP Vulnerability



Also for XP check WindowsUpdate regurlarly.



Update all software on your PC with this tool


This tool I have been using for years and works like WIndowsUpdate does for Windows, only this does it for al lot more software on your PC even windows files that WinUpdate does not see, like MS Installer 2.0 and MSDAC.

Check it out here



MS Bootvis updated


Microsoft has released an updated version of its Bootvis tool for Windows XP. This handy utility can be used to trace the performance of XP's boot process as well as to improve its overall boot time... More information about Bootvis can be found here.   (source

Bootvis 1.3.36



Server pre-RC1 build 3615 released


MS released a new build, I have installed it but did not have the time to really play with it.


Betachecker tool: This tool is a database containing info on ISO files during the beta program of Whistler, so XP and .NET server.

With this tool you can check if your downloaded ISO of a build of .NET is correct.

Download here

IE6 Service Pack 1 another build released and leaked


On April 4th MS released another build of IE6 ServicePack1 Beta

Try yourself at your own risk

Internet Explorer 6.0 SP1 Beta (Build 2800.1005) for Windows 2000 and XP (

Mirror ie6sp1 beta (MSI file) Thanks to

Note! After install the Internal Windows Update link id pointed to a MS secure beta site, to revert back to normal run this regfile


NGO: Next Generation Office


This weel a presentation of a new MS office version leaked to the Internet.

It is Office NGO (Next Generation Office?) the presentation is in flash format.

At first it was unclear if the presentation was a fake, if so the author did a magnificent job.

But soon MS contacted the websites to remove the download link. They did not contact me :-) I still have a working link.

Get it here It seems you need to pay a subscription fee for this .NET version of Office.

See article on this on Wininformant


Windows 2000 Post-Service Pack 2 COM+ Hotfix Rollup Package 18.1

More info here

Download English version


Corona Moves Beyond Streaming Media

 Microsoft says that support for its next-generation Windows Media platform (code-named Corona) has extended well beyond online content creators and streaming-media functionality, thanks to the platform's stunning quality and low-bandwidth requirements. The company is attending this week's National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) 2002 trade show, touting third-party initiatives to encourage adoption of the Corona technologies in high-end audio and video solutions.

"Corona is no longer just for Internet streaming," Jonathan Usher, group product manager of Microsoft's Windows Digital Media Division told me this weekend. "It's rapidly moving upstream in the production process." Usher said that even at this early stage in Corona's development, audio and video hardware and software are using the technology in exciting ways. "Corona isn't even at beta yet," Usher noted. "It's remarkable support at this stage."

Microsoft is highlighting several companies, including Accom, Adobe Systems, Discreet, Thomson Multimedia's Grass Valley Group, and Winnov, that are working to bring Corona technologies to video professionals. Adobe is adding native Corona support to its next-generation Premiere and After Effects products, which are due later this year. In addition, several companies, including Creative Labs, Echo Audio, M- Audio/Midiman, Steinberg Media Technologies, and Syntrillium Software, are adding Corona support to their products for audio professionals.

Microsoft first previewed Corona last December at Streaming Media East 2001, and the company says that the technology's six-channel surround-sound capabilities are a first for any digital-media codec. The software also sports a 20 percent streaming-efficiency improvement over the previous-generation Windows Media technology and can provide high-definition, DVD-quality video playback at file sizes half that of today's DVDs, the company says. Various Corona components--including the next-generation Windows Media Player (WMP)--will enter beta this summer, according to Usher.

Microsoft .NET.NET runtime files

I have a screensaver posted on my XP site which is the first "app" build with Visual Studio .NET. Like Visual Basic 1,2,3,4,5  and 6 apps build by it require runtime files. These used to be 1 or more DLL's like VBRUN100.dll. Not you need .NET Framework for apps build in .NET.
This is not just a dll but a downloadable pack of more then 20 MB and you know what? It is been out for over a month and the fisrt service pack is already out!

Sooner or later you'll gonna need these runtime files: dotnetredist.exe and the SP1

and the Opacity screensaver


The Microsoft Saturn project


MS Saturn is stripped down version of VS .NET specially for ASP developers (ASP.NET). The project is still in alpha phase.


 The Document (zipped up) 
Project Saturn Itself 
.net frame work - needed to run the program.



Speed up your diskperformance with the correct drivers!


The harddisk manufacturers make new standards regularly (Ultra ATA 33, 66, 100, 133). When you buy and install such a disk your windows will "see" it and you can start using it. But to make use of the much improved performance your motherboard needs to support it to (the IDE controllers)

The IDE controllers are in the Chipsets on the motherboard mostly the are from Intel or VIA. Modern motherboards have these fast IDE controllers (ultra ATA 66/100) But when you install such a disk on Windows 2000 you wont get the speed performance as expected, you can set in the registry to support ATA66. Better is to install the chipset drivers on your win2k.

For Intel: Chipset install files for XP this installation not necessary.

After installation your win2k will make optimal use of your Ultra ATA disk.


Above that install the just updated release of Intel Application Accelerator,

  • Faster Boot Time via Accelerated Operating System Load Time
  • Accelerated Disk I/O for Games, Graphics Applications, Disk Utilities, and Media Authoring Applications
  • Performance-enhancing Data Pre-fetcher for Intel® Pentium® 4 processor-based systems
  • Support for 137GB and larger hard drives
    Click here for
    more information

Download Intel Application Accelerator 2.1 it for win2k



XP sp1 alpha


An article on CNET states that MS released an alpha version of XP sp1 to OEM partners. This sp does not only contain fixes but also support for new innovations like Tablet PC, Mira and Freestyle. In June it is expected that the real beta testing is started and the release in the beginning of Q4 2002.

Whole article


NTswith, switch your NT OS from workstation to server with only 1 reboot!

Last month a utility was made available to switch your NT based OS from workstation to server.

The difference between Server and workstation editions of the OS is in a few registry settings. Changing these settings in NT4 workstation can make it NT4 Server. There's nothing new on this. But they exact registry weren't that easily changed since this tool.

While .NET server is in Beta en WinXP pro is already out, changing these settings on the latest .NET server build gives you an interesting result: WIndowsXP Pro with SP1 !

Of course SP1 is not done yet just like .NET is not done yet, but you have a newer OS then WinXP. Also you can install apps that normally don't run on a server edition and Vice Versa.

The tool for this is NTswith (use it at own risk)

MS demanded removal of  the tool at some download sites, but you can still get it. fortunately you can still get it!

Go to and search for a file named NTSwitch, some of the resulted URL's still work!

like this one (see the URL!!)

This tool can change Server/Professional on NT4, Win2k and .NET/XP

More info ADTW - Converting .NET Server to XP Pro


Commerce Server 2002 120-day trial

The third release of commerce server is done....

"Download or order the Commerce Server 2002 120-day trial software. This trial software will automatically be disabled after 120 days, at which time you may choose to purchase a license for Commerce Server 2000. This fully-integrated, e-commerce solution combines rich functionality with extensive personalization and sophisticated decision support."




Testing your win2k cluster servers cheap!


Cluster servers require more and often expensive hardware. For only testing purposes it may be too expensive to acquire this hardware. Here are some tips to do this with only 1 machine.


First tip does not support failover but allows you to take a closer look at clustering:

Windows 2000 Advanced Server, from Control Panel, first select Add/Remove Programs, then Add/Remove Windows Components. Once the Cluster Configuration Wizard appears, click Cancel to exit. Then from %SystemRoot%\Cluster folder, run 
cluscfg -localquorum
This will start the Wizard again, but this time complete all the steps by providing requested information. 

The setup is practically identical to the one that you go through when dealing with shared storage, with the exception of the part which prompts you for the location of the quorum (at which point you specify the shared device). Although the full functionality of the cluster (such as failover) is obviously not available (your cluster consists of a single node with a non-shared quorum), but this setup allows you to take a closer look at other cluster features. In addition, if you are developer, you can test your Cluster-aware applications without sinking thousands of dollars into a development lab.



2nd TIP: use VMWARE with undocumented setting

In the .VMX configuration file of you servers you add the line disk.locking = FALSE, by using that parameter the disks will not be locked and both machines can access the shared disk simultaneously.

For full walk through check this site:



Get your XP Home Edition to logon to a NT Domain!


As you know Windows XP was released in two editions: home and pro. The pro version is for corporate or obviously professional users. Home is for personal use. Home does officially not support Remote Desktop and Domain membership. But when you use the TweakUI for XP, which can be downloaded from my site (powertoys), you can set autologon. In the autologon options of tweakUI you set the username, password and DOMAIN !!


Add text and variables to logon box


This tip works on winNT4, win2k and WinXP /.NET

With this registry hack you can add text to the logonbox and security-dialog of NT. like in the pic.

This can be very helpful if you also add system variables like %computername%. If you manage many servers via RDP this helps you to check/remind on which machine you are working cause all default desktops look the same. is just text but "BOX" is the computer name.


Start regedit go to


[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon]

Create a string value "Welcome" (without the quotes)


Doubleclick the Welcome string and in the Value date add your text.

Note: start with some spaces so the text will appear in the middle.

When you added the text and variables click OK and test it directly by pressing ctrl-alt-delete: in the security dialog box you can see your added text.

Note: to see what variables you can set type SET in command console.


I have made an ADM file (system policy template) for this setting so you can import this option in your group policy so all machines that get that policy will have this setting applied. I will make this adm file available for download soon.



Finally a all in one DivX tool


I'm a lazy guy and the way to make a "backup" of my DVD was to complicated and required too many tools, now I found a tool which does it all for me. I insert the DVD run the program and 3 hours later I have a DivX AVI !!!


Get it here: (cool URL !!)


BTW DivX 5.01 is out get it here


TGTsoft Style XP 1.0 final released


Find out more about Style XP


Style XP is themeing software that helps customize the way your XP system looks. Style XP can manage and rotate Themes, Visual Styles, Backgrounds, and Logons. To the left are some GUI elements taken from 'CoughDrop', a skin included with Style XP.

Instead of old square buttons and limited colors, the Windows® XP visual style engine natively supports the use of true color bitmap buttons. Download a trial of Style XP now!

MS Capicom 2.0 Beta

This is the beta release for CAPICOM 2.0, CAPICOM can be used to digitally sign data, sign code, verify digital signatures, envelop data for privacy, hash data, encrypt/decrypt data and more.

What's new in CAPICOM 2.0:

  • Authenticode signing and verification
  • Robust searching capabilities were added to Certificate collections
  • Advanced properties of certificates such as PublicKey, Templates, Certificate Policies, and Application Policies are now exposed
  • A new Utility object was adding to expose support for Secure Random Number generation, String Conversion, Base64 encoding/decoding and time conversion functionality
  • Support for Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows NT 4.0, Windows XP with IE 5.01 or greater


 Download: CAPICOM 2.0 BETA (Microsoft - 1,022 Kb)


Outlook mail counter for Windows XP

Outlook mail counter tells you how many unread email messages you have in your Outlook inbox and places this information on your Windows XP welcome screen.  Now you can easily see how many total emails you have without logging in. Outlook unread mail counter automatically updates as often as you like.



  Download a limited trial version









CD Burn tools updated:


Roxio Easy CD Creator 5.1 Platinum Update




CloneCD 4.0 Beta 17


SQL Server 2000 Notification Services Beta program started (sign up!)
SQL Server 2000 Notification Services makes it easy to develop and deploy applications that generate and send personalized notifications to wired and wireless devices. Notification Services scans input events from a wide variety of sources, matches these events against a user’s subscriptions, generates and formats personalized notifications, and delivers the notifications to the subscriber’s preferred device.

Notification Services consists of a simple declarative programming framework for describing the notification application and an efficient, highly-scalable server that runs the application. Notification Services enables you to build an application that scales to millions of users in days.

You can nominate yourself to participate in these beta programs at

 My XP forum



My Xp Forum is the place to turn too with all your questions on XP and .NET server. Get wallpapers and tips.

28.900 members are there to help or help you!

MS passport required



See you next time.......


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