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Hi, it is me again, I just sent out the alert that SP1 for Office XP is released, but there is more news of corse!


I have little time so no fancy pics in this issue, just the facts....on a lot of new downloads



Acrobat Reader 5.05



Easy CD Creator 5.02c Update

XP updates:

         (when upgrading XP from old windows)

XP install steps:


Media Player 8 Bonus Pack

Microsoft® Windows™ Media Bonus Pack for Windows® XP provides enhancements and tools for the digital media experience in Windows XP. The Bonus Pack contains Plus! MP3 Converter LE, new skins, new visualizations, Windows Media Player for Windows XP Powertoys, Windows Media Player Skin Importer, and the Windows Movie Maker Creativity Kit. This document provides installation instructions and other information about Windows Media Bonus Pack for Windows XP. (18MB)



Messenger 4.6 + Add-in support

New version, not sure what it does but you need it to have add-in support, not sure what that does either :-)

Click to download


Messenger logo

MSN Add-in

Description: Now you can get all the functionality of MSN Messenger! With the MSN Add-In you can see how many new Hotmail e-mail messages you have and receive an Alert when a new message arrives. You can also send text messages to your friends on their cell phones and pagers, join MSN celebrity chats, set up a public profile, and more...


Possible Features


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E-mail integration

This feature is available.

Chat integration

This feature is available.


Mobile text messaging

This feature is available.


Profile Creation

This feature is available.


Profiles Viewing

This feature is available.


Daily links

This feature is available.



Get add-in support



Office XP Service Pack1


As posted to you allready

Seems to be issues when installing on illegal copies !!

Mine installed fine.

Download: Microsoft Office XP Service Pack 1 (17.4mb)
Microsoft Office XP SP1 Overview Site
Office Download Center (SP1)

Office Hotfix Installer

Ohotfix.exe is a software program designed to help administrators deploy update files within their organizations. OHotFix works by reading a series of deployment instructions contained in an INI file, and then using those instructions to apply an update to the computer. OHotFix can also check applications on the computer to determine which updates need to be applied, and it can order a group of update files so that an installation is optimized.

Download Offinst.exe


Office Update Inventory Tool 1.0

The Office Update Inventory Tool allows administrators to inventory the state of updates across all of their Office installations and generate reports on the information.

For More Information -;en-us;Q312982


invcm.EXE - 243 Kb


First fix for Exchange 2000 since SP2

A default Exchange installation creates an Exchange Domain Servers group for each domain within the forest. This group contains the computer accounts for each Exchange server within a given domain. These groups are granted access to all Exchange public folder and mailbox stores in the forest. If you use certain customer topologies, you may want to restrict access to mailbox stores only to the local server that hosts the stores.

]Download Q313807engi386.exe now

OWA on exchange 5.5 security fix

This fix was released twice this week!



MS publishes template for their own downloadcenter?

At least that is what I think it is, check it out


Application Center 2000 Load Balancing Tool

Use this tool to save configuration information, obtain server status, and set a server online or offline


Windows 2000 Patch: Win2k RIPrep needs to support Win2k SRV, ADS and XP client images

Microsoft has released a patch that updates Riprep.exe to allow the creation/deployment of Windows XP images across a Windows 2000 RIS server.

For More Information -


Q313069_W2K_SPL_x86_en.EXE - 137 Kb



IIS Lockdown Tool (version 2.1)

I forgot to mention this in the previous issue, but the lockdown tool has been updated and now includes the URL scanner!

IIS Lockdown Wizard version 2.1 works by turning off unnecessary features, thus reducing attack surface available to attackers. To provide multiple layers of protection against attackers, URLscan, with customized templates for each supported server role, is integrated into the IIS Lockdown Wizard.
To keep the server completely secure, however, all hotfixes are required before and after applying IIS Lockdown Wizard to stay protected against known security vulnerabilities

iislockd.exe - 292 Kb



Download Producer

Designed for business users and enterprise media professionals, Microsoft Producer is a free add-on for Microsoft PowerPoint® version 2002. It helps you capture, synchronize, and publish audio, video, slides, and images—resulting in engaging rich-media presentations viewable on demand in a Web browser. Read this overview to learn how it can bring your business communications to life.


ISA Server flash Demo

In today's environment, having a secure network is of utmost importance to the connected business. Internet Security and Acceleration (ISA) Server provides the protection you need from a secure firewall. Furthermore, the connected business demands high performance to deliver Web-based content to its users. ISA Server accelerates Internet access by means of caches. ISA Server pre-fetches Web sites during off-peak hours (for example, at night or on weekends) so that the content can be delivered to users from cache on-demand.

By watching this demonstration, you will learn about the benefits that ISA Server provides, and witness firsthand the ease of administering ISA Server



Winzip 8.1 released


Get this best zip tool, now optimised for XP



XP Upgrades for USB 2 and Bluetooth on Tap

Microsoft will upgrade Windows XP next year to support two important emerging technologies, the company said this week. Support USB 2.0, a next-generation system bus which supports data transfer speeds of up to 480 Mbs will be added first, with the final code expected early next year. Meanwhile, XP will be upgraded to support Bluetooth, a wireless technology for small connected devices, by mid-2002. Both technologies were originally left out of XP because of timing; neither was ready for inclusion in the OS, which went gold in late August.


I have Beta drivers for USB 2.0 on XP and win2k, if you want let me know.



Microsoft Unveils Project 2002 Product Family

Source: Wininformant

This week, Microsoft announced that the next version of its project-planning and administration software, Project 2002, will become widely available in the first half of next year. Project 2002 significantly expands on the previous release, Project 2000, by adding a server version that will let administrators and project leaders manage a single, central pool of resources across all the projects in their enterprise. With its new enterprise bent, Project 2002 combines the intuitive project-management features of the past with new accessibility and collaboration capabilities, the company says.

NT Server 4.0 to disappear in July 2003

Microsoft on Friday released its retirement schedule for NT Server 4.0 operating system. All sales will end by July 2003, and companies will start having to pay for support.


There it goes "My First NT Server" :-(


Read more on ZDNET



Windows 2000 SP3 Beta


Got a link for you, get it while it is there

MSN Explorer Build 2117.02 Available  
Version 7.00.0021.1702 is available for download. There are no changes to the UI or features with this release. The fix will resolve problems around Messenger 4.5 and MSN Explorer 7 freezing with signing in.

Bill Gates: 'My computer crashes too

Bill Gates, the world's richest man and boss of software giant Microsoft, has admitted that his computer crashes and he's mostly looking forward to getting books for Christmas.
He also revealed that he thinks Microsoft is a great place to work - and he's fed up with his long-running battle with the US government.
And when Sarah asked him what his PC was like, he confessed that it does crash. But he turned even that to Microsoft's advantage.
"I get to the bottom of it every time and that's part of the passion that I and a lot of Microsoft people have. We want to make a tool that we want to use ourselves."

Sarah's full Interview with Bill Gates



Great Article on tuning XP !!!!


I wanted to write an article like this, fortunatly it is done!,3428,a%253D19543,00.asp

Note the great XP links at the end of the article



So you think you know XP?


You think XP is just win2k with a fancy new look?

Well read this articles and realise that you don't know shiit !


THanks to Nick Stam for the links

There's another good one I've seen before at the link below, though I'm not sure if the same authors were involved -- no byline on MS whitepapers.

We also have a story on XP Kernel enhancements by Jay Munro at:,3396,s%253D1027%2526a%253D2473,00.asp



Thanks for some news tips and Stu Sjouwerman of Sunbelt Software for hosting this mailinglist !




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