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Hi everybody, and welcome new members, again it has been a while since my last newsletter, I won't bother you with "how busy I have been with working", "I had to study hard for my Windows 2000 certification" or "my girlfriend needed some quality time..." so let's cut the crap and get started!


First of all I would like to anounce my collaboration with This website was and is a major source for my newsletters! I've been in contact with Neobond (one of the owners of Neowin) for some time now and we decided that we work together some more.

This newsletter is now the newsletter for Neowin too!


MCSE LogoMCSE 2000

Last week I was up for the upgrade exam for NT4 to Win2k. When MS released win2k it told all MCSE's that they would lose their certification status at the end of 2001. Unless they upgraded their certification to Win2k. Their were a lot of protests, but Microsoft had no mercy. NT4 MCSE's could get a free voucher and do a 4in1 exam and to upgrade to win2k.

That sounded OK, but you only got 1 chance.... So I decided to wait as long as possible so I would learn more on win2k in the field before doing the 4 hour exam from hell. Last month MS announced that it would NOT take the certification of NT4 MCSE's! Probably because if they did there would be more Novell engineers in the world then MCSE's because not too many engineers were doing the upgrade. Later MS announced they wouldn't retire some old product certifications like Exchange 5.0, probably for the same reason. So now you have NT4 MCSE's and win2k MCSE's.

Anyway I did the exam form hell and guess what? I passed in 3 hours. It was easier then I thought.

I used crammsessions and braindumps, but of corse the most I got from my experience :-).

I'm still not there, I need to do 1 exam "designing Active Directory" and then I'm officially win2k MCSE.

I'll do that exam in a week or two and while I'm at it I'll probably do Windows XP too!


December is the last month for NT4 engineers to try the accelerated exam, though you can't get the free voucher anymore.

NT4 MCSE? Register here for win2k!



Killing bugs

A lot of service pack news:


SQL Server 2000 Service Pack 2 Service Pack 2


Because SQL Server Service Packs are cumulative, SP2 includes all fixes from previously released Service Pack 1 (SP1), and can be applied to an original installation or to one where Service Pack 1 (SP1) was previously applied.

View: SQL Server 2000 SP2 download page in English
View: List of Fixes in Microsoft SQL Server 2000 SP2 (138 fixes in all)
News source: International SQL Server 2000 SP2 Site



Find out how SharePoint Portal Server and SharePoint Team Services differSharePoint Portal Server 2001 Service Pack 1


I never installed a buggier, unfinished and memory eating software package like SharePoint, let's hope this pack solves it and makes it worth while,


News source: SharePoint Portal Server 2001 Service Pack 1 Homepage
Download: SharePoint Portal Server 2001 Service Pack 1




IE6 sp1 beta1 build 1114

Since NT4 Servicepack 5 MS releases beta versions of service packs semi publicly. Too many times a service pack did more harm then good. Now the first beta of the first Service Pack of IE6 is released to testers


This build 1114 includes the following fixes/enhancements:

I haven't seen this baby leak yet, so I can't share my experience on this one.....


News source: Activewin



Win2000 Security Rollup Logo win2k SRP Beta program starting


As first used for NT4: a package which includes all security fixes. A comfortable thing for admins, normally after installing the latest SP for Windows NT you need to donwload and install countless hotfixes so your system is secure for known holes. Especially since MS decided to skip SP7 for NT4. In stead they released the NT4 Security Roll Up Pack. Now MS does it again but for Win2k. It is not here yet, but the beta program is announced. This pack will include all security fixes since the release of win2k SP2.


I don't understand why they even start this program since SP3 for win2k beta program is already in progress. Why don't use the resources from this roll-up package on SP3 and get it out!


Anyway you can still sign in to participate in the Beta program of the rollup. Just login, fill in the survey and hope you get selected!

·  Username: SRPBeta

·  Password: W2KSRP



 Beta build Beta 1 RC 3.51


A few weeks ago MS released the first beta of sp3 for win2k. I installed it on my PC at work and so far works fine.

The first thing I noticed during install that it has a new setup wizard, now that's not shocking, but that's what a SP does it fixes bugs and does not add features. So no new bells and whistles. I haven't had the time to slipstream it and do a clean install.

When you look here you'll notice that their are 777 post-sp2 hotfixes!


 I don't have a download link anymore.....


Cumulative Patch for IE 5.5 / 6.0


The first two involve how IE handles cookies across domains. Although the underlying flaws are completely unrelated, the scope is exactly the same – in each case, a malicious user could potentially craft a URL that would allow them to gain unauthorized access to a user's cookies and potentially modify the values contained in them. Because some web sites store sensitive information in a user’s cookies, this could allow personal information to be compromised. Both vulnerabilities could be exploited either by hosting specially crafted URL's on a web page or by sending them to the victim in an HTML email.


The third vulnerability is a new variant of a vulnerability discussed in Microsoft Security Bulletin MS01-051 affecting how IE handles URLs that include dotless IP addresses. If a web site were specified using a dotless IP format (e.g., http://031713501415 rather than, and the request were malformed in a particular way, IE would not recognize that the site was an Internet site. Instead, it would treat the site as an intranet site, and open pages on the site in the Intranet Zone rather than the correct zone. This would allow the site to run with fewer security restrictions than appropriate. This vulnerability does not affect IE 6.


 Get that patch


 Windows Media Player .ASF Processor Contains Unchecked Buffer

Impact of vulnerability: Run code of attacker’s choice.

Maximum Severity Rating: Critical

Recommendation: Customers running affected products should apply the patch immediately.

Affected Software:

 Download locations for this patch

Exchange Server  Enterprise Edition?sp2 soon?


This week there was a link to Exchange 2000 Service Pack 2 on MS service packs page unfourtunatly it wasn't there (yet)

I assume it is close to release now.

OWA has some good improvements.




OK that was the "Killing Bugs" section, I'm afraid this section will return in every issue of this newsletter :-)



MS support Site has a new look!

Microsoft Support site has a new look. It has a XP look and supports multi languages, I suggest you keep searching in the English Knowledge Base,

cause I'm guess there is a delay in translating articles to other languages.


"In addition to the familiar Microsoft Knowledge Base

pages, you can now find support pages for individual products filled

with links to the most common problems, how-to articles, and white



Check it out


Direct X 8.1 released

I'm not a gamer but I know you are, make sure you get this one!

This is already in Windows XP!! Users of Windows 95 should continue using DirectX 8.0a.

 The rest get it here


BTW: the Direct X 9 beta program already started!





Microsoft(R) Windows(R) Embedded it is out!


"Windows XP Embedded is the componentized version of the leading desktop operating system enabling rapid development of the most reliable and full-featured connected devices. Based on the same binaries as Windows XP Professional, Windows XP Embedded enables embedded developers to individually select only the rich features they need for customized, reduced-footprint embedded devices"


I hope to have a thin client soon with Embedded XP, then I'll let you know more!


Embedded Website




Messenger 4.5 for Exchange 2000

Promised on XP launch but just now released, new messenger for Exchange Instant Messaging (IM) Server.

I believe instant messaging in corporations will be as big as email is now. I played around with Exchange IM server on our test network, it is pretty easy to set up. I have 1 IMclient and it logs in on the Internet and on the Exchange server. So I can simultaneously chat with internal users and Internet users.


 Get it here



Ahead Nero released


Now better XP support!

DVD recording support! Damn don't have that yet


 Get it



 Adminpack beta 3


Windows .NET Server Administration Tools Pack (adminpak.msi) provides server management tools that allow administrators to remotely manage Windows 2000 Servers from Windows XP Professional machines. This is the BETA 3 version of the adminpak.msi file - please read KnowledgeBase article Q304718 for more information on the beta release process of this file and known issues.


Do not install on .NET servers!


 Get it





Last issue I talked about changing logon screens, I provided links. Unfortunately the links were dead when I sent the newsletter out.


Let's try again

This site has samples and tutorials to hack the logonui.exe so that you can customize your Welcome Screen the way you want!

Use this Tool to load new screen more easy. Another Tool (beta)

Hack your bootscreen !

Hack the screen that apears while booting XP,

see the tutural here, at your own risk! See it here

Make your Windows Transparent! with Glass2k

The latest version remembers each window's transparency settings, allows you to keep any window on top, loads on Windows startup, beeps when glassify'ng a window, supports mouse and keyboard shortcuts, and allows you to customize these shortcuts. Read the Glass2k page for more details. Please

Note: Glass2k works only on Windows 2000 and XP. It will NOT work on Windows 3.1, 95, 98 and ME

Download Glass2k Version 0.9.1 here:

More themes/logons/skins


ThemeXP Home





XP CD recognition troubles


This tip was mentioned in my forum:

All of you with CD Burners not recognized try this registry fix:


First, go to :



All cd drives are in the same key.

Drive type value determines capability.



3=Write Disabled


If you have more than one CDROM/CDRW, they will be under the Drives individually. Change one at a time, so you get the right ones.


This fixed my problem under XP Pro with a HP 7100i drive.


This is for the NATIVE CD BURNING in XP, not when using Roxio DirectCD 5.0.2_XP.



Speed up your Booting in XP!!!


This is a cool tool that optimizes your driver loading and will improve boot time.



Increase available bandwidth for network connections



This will help increase your bandwidth for any network connection in Windows XP PRO.

1. Make sure your logged on as actually "Administrator". do not log on with any account that just has administrator privileges. To log in as an administrator:
-click on start->logoff->logoff
-in the logon screen hold Ctrl+Alt+Del.
-in the user field type 'Administrator' <-case sensitive.
-in the password field type the password for the administrator (if you don't have one leave blank)
-press ok

2. Start - run - type gpedit.msc
3. Expand the "Computer configuration" branch
4. Expand the "Administrative templates" branch
5. Expand the "Network" branch
6. Highlight the "QoS Packet Scheduler" in left window
7. In right window double click the "limit reservable bandwidth" setting
8. On setting tab check the "enabled" item
9. Where it says "Bandwidth limit %" change it to read 0-- Click apply, OK, exit gpedit.msc
10. Go to your Network connections (start->my computer->my network connection-> view network connections). Right click on your connection, choose properties then under the General or the Networking tab (where it lists your protocols) make sure QoS packet scheduler is enabled.
11. Reboot , now you are all done.

This is more of a "counter what XP does" thing. In other words, XP seems to want to reserve 20% of the bandwidth for itself even with QoS disabled. So why not use it to your advantage. To demonstrate the problem, start up a big download from a server with an FTP client. Try to find a server that doesn't max out your bandwidth. In this case you want a slow to medium speed server to demonstrate this. Let it run for a couple of minutes to get stable. The start up another download from the same server with another instance of your FTP client. You will notice that the available bandwidth is now being fought over and one of the clients download will be very slow or both will slow down when they should both be using the available bandwidth. Using this "tweak" both clients will have a fair share of the bandwidth and will not fight over the bandwidth.

For more information on QoS: Refer to the Microsoft Knowledge base article by clicking here.



Ok that's it!


Steven Bink

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