This is a quick message regarding newsletter 18, which I sent out yesterday.


Nero Update


A lot of people complain on the link to the new Nero with better support for XP.

The URL ftp://ftp.nero.com is correct, I got it from their site www.nero.com

They have a problem in DNS I think cause ftp.nero.com does not resolve to an IP address. I assume they will get it fixed soon.


Here are the links from their site, which don't work now but check it again later:


  Nero5564.exe  (from Server 1)
Nero5564.exe  (from Server 2)
Nero5564.exe  (from Server 3)
Nero5564.exe  (from Server 5)

Exchange 2000 Service Pack 2 is released!!


What did I tell you yesterday? Exchange sp2 would arrive soon! Well it did today.


Overview: http://www.microsoft.com/exchange/downloads/2000/sp2.asp


Download: http://www.microsoft.com/exchange/downloads/2000/sp2/default.asp



XP Forum


Today my XP forum reached 25,000 members!

Join too to discuss XP issues, get cool wallpapers and many more things












OK sorry to have  bothered you again, but I thought is was worth mentioning!



Steven Bink



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