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Well obviously XP is launched last week, you must have been in a cave in Af ghanistan if you didn't notice.

I went to the Launch Event in Rotterdam. It was crowded there, had a hard time getting a parking spot.

Once in the building, 1st thing I noticed was the security, Metal detectors and big men. Well they let me in! even with my DV camera. 2nd thing I noticed was pallets full packed with hundreds of HP Colorjets, hmmm this gets interesting, I thought. The launch started with a show of dancers, dancing to a remixed version of Madonna's Ray of Light.

Then the big boss of Microsoft Benelux held a speech, besides telling about XP and .NET he apologized for the extra security and the parking problems. Because of the Terrorist Attacks MS didn't promote the launch heavily so they didn't expect 1300 people to come. He promised everyone who got a parking ticket could claim it at MS!

 by a live TV connection to see the launch in NY.

After the break there were some demo's including one in which Media Player 8 was shown  by famous Dutch Radio DJ Gijs Staverman. At the end of the demo's the big boss told the audience that everyone will get a free HP colorjet and a copy of XP Home !!! Now that was cool. After that there was a party with the same DJ. Long Queues appeared at the exit where every visitor received the free printer and XP.

Like I said I took my DV camera and took some shots of the launch, I edited it in XP's Moviemaker, download and view it! Note: this is the 1st movie I made so don't expect much of it!

We saw a part of the Launch in NY live, you can view the whole launch program from NY via the XP launch website.
I recommend to get the
ASF recorder so you can download the full video at high resolution and watch when ever you want without downloading it again!
XP launch in NY Video I watched the 1:30 hour coverage and it sometimes is funny! Also cool demo's in it.

Commercial Video (thanks to )

Skinning XP

MS released a new Theme based on the game Halo

Get it here

The welcome screen in XP can be changed (logongui.exe), though it is not easy you can customize it the way you want! Fortunately there are already some created and can be downloaded.

This site has samples and tutorials to hack the logonui.exe

This tool lets you easily install the new logongui (thanks to

Hack your startbutton!

Customize your startbutton the way you want!

See the tutorial and start buttons at

Tune your Cleartype



With Windows XP, ClearType delivers improved font display resolution over traditional anti-aliasing. It improves readability on color LCD monitors with a digital interface, such as those in laptops and high-quality flat desktop displays. Readability on CRT screens can also be somewhat improved. 

Fine Tune ClearType @ Microsoft


Style Builder Beta 1 released

The new visual styles that come with XP are blue, olive green, and metallic.  That may be enough for some, but here at TGT, we want more choices.  Styles XP comes with additional high-quality styles to fit your unique personality.

Get it here

LockergnomeLockergnome's 50 XP tips

Chris Pirillo is the author of a cool site for Techies, he made a list with 50 XP tips.


XP tip: Never re-activate your XP

source (dutch site)


If you don't want to reactivate after you did a clean XP install, make sure you save wpa.dbl before you wipe your system drive.

After install place it back and your machine is activated!




Tablet XP is coming !

view Video of the Tablet PC, again use ASF-Recorder !


XP Activation problems

source: 3dwin

Some honest customers, who had bought Windows XP, wanted to activate their product after installing on the PC. But the activation procedure by internet failed. So they contacted Microsoft by phone for activation. The surprise: the original copies are already activated several times up to 31x and more. The reason: many copies have the same serial. The fact: different dealers are affected by it. Microsoft is informed, but has no idea, why the problem consists. Perhaps there consists an error in the production or something else... 

XP launched, So what's next?

So beta freaks what's next? Well first Pocket PC 2002, Windows XP Embedded, windows XP Service Pack 1, .NET server and the Tablet PC are still in the making, but for the desktop projects with codename Longhorn and Blackcomb are started.

Longhorn will be the next update to windows XP (2003), it will be a minor update (NT 5.2)
Blackcomb will be the successor of LongHorn (2005) which will be a major update. (NT 6.0)

Guess what! first things of longhorn is leaked and it is its wallpaper! Get that and more screenshots true or fake in my Forum!


In previous issue I told you about the MS wireless IntelliEye mouse.

Well I have it and it rocks!

What I didn't like abut the IntelliEye mice was that they were so lightweight. This has batteries in it so that problem is solved.

  • It is ergonomic
  • It has a scroll wheel
  • No mouse ball, but Intelliy Eye
  • it is Wireless!!!



Messenger 4.5 updated twice

Just before the XP launch Windows Messenger 4.5 was available on Windows Update and the MSN site.

The latest build is 125. Get it here

If your still on 3.6 or 4.0 be sure to update! The .NET integration creates many possibilities. Unfortunately my country had no .NET services available but in US and UK there are. MSN Calendar Alerts, Stock updates, and many more.

You can skin your Messenger too with background pics! Though the site says it don't work with 4.x actually it does!

Take a pick...

When upgraded to 4.5 make sure if you use Messenger Plus! you get that latest version too 1.40b!


  updates Easy CD Creator for XP

Installation instructions for users running Windows NT and 2000 and upgrading to Windows XP:

xp_safe.exe- This web update is designed to prepare Easy CD Creator 5.0x Platinum installation on Windows NT or 2000 for Windows XP. This addresses driver issues that could be encountered while upgrading.

xp_up_platinum.exe- This web update is designed to update any existing 5.0x Platinum version of Easy CD Creator to work on Windows XP. This update will install Windows XP specific drivers and make the necessary registry entries, which allow Easy CD Creator to operate correctly.

  1. It is recommended that you update your Easy CD Creator Platinum to 5.02b (ecdc_v502b_up.exe - 5.6MB).
  2. Download and install xp_safe.exe (561KB) and reboot your system. This addresses driver issues that could be encountered while upgrading.
  3. Update your system to the Windows XP Operating system. The xp_up_platinum.exe file will only install on Windows XP systems.
  4. Download xp_up_platinum.exe (2.5MB) and install it. Restart after installation is complete.
  5. Easy CD Creator has been updated to function properly on Windows XP.

Note: Take Two will be disabled by this update due to incompatibility with Windows XP.


MS Commerce Server 2000 SP2 is out

This is the second Service Pack for Commerce Server 2000. It is an update for the production version of Commerce Server. SP2 does contains all the code from SP1. SP2 will not work on the Evaluation Edition of Commerce Server. To update, you must first upgrade your Commerce Server installation to the production version.


Get it 8.2 MB.


 MS FlightSim 2002 is out

Yep 2002 is out, see some video's of it

Take flight in a 747, a Cessna C208 Caravan on floats, or a Bell 206B JetRanger III helicopter.

Boeing 747-400 taking off with ATC (15.4 MB / MPEG file)
Cessna C208 Caravan in a water take off (9.38 MB / MPEG file)
Bell 206B JetRanger III taking a sky tour of Las Vegas (13.9 MB / MPEG file)



patch to remove NY WTC from FS 2000

In a previous issue I told you that MS will remove the WTC of NY from Flight Simulator 2002 which was then not out yet. Last week MS released a patch to remove the twin towers from FS 2000.

Who would ever thought that this was necessary.....

Get it here


Patch of the month:

Snow White & the Seven Dwarves issue

cool that a movie from 1937 can hick-up Windows XP :-)


While attempting to play the Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Platinum Collection DVD movie, a user may experience garbled or indistinct audio and video and an error from the DVD player program. This behavior occurs because the Universal Disk Format (UDF) driver (Udfs.sys) in Windows XP and Windows 2000 is unable to read certain data stored on the Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Platinum Collection DVD. This problem does not affect any other DVD disks known to Microsoft at this time.




Exchange2000 SP2 is on its way

View the Webcast here


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I run the websites on my server at home. Due to the popularity my bandwidth of my ADSL was full, so I transferred the graphics of my sites to my webspace at my provider. Even my provider said that I transferred to much data so it shut down my webspace. My site isn't that good-looking but without pics it su cks!

Luckily my brothers have webspace at the same provider so now I can spread the pics there.


My forum keeps growing too! 18,200 members!!!

MSN just updated the looks of the MSN communities.

So drop by. if you want to discuss XP, get Wallpapers and many more things!





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