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Well I'm back from holiday! I had a nice time, but it is good to be back!

Obviously there is a lot of XP news in this letter.


XP Logo XP goes RTM


Well XP is finished! It went RTM on friday 24th of August. It is build 2600.

Hey that is weird the last pre-RTM build before I left was 2535 so they made a lot of builds in 10 days! It seems MS wanted a nice round number for the Golden build.

The RTM (Release To Manufacturing) literly took place on the lawn of MS in Redmond. The Recordable CD's with the golden build on it were put in 3 metallic suitcases which went in to 3 helicopters who flew of the Dell, Compaq, IBM, HP.

Here are some Video's of it from ZDTV:


Bill Speech                    (Later in this later a cool tool for saving video's!)


XP & Government


XP in Helicopters


More pictures on Paul Thurrott's Windows Supersite



WPAUnlock winXP

if your sick of builds being leaked and cracked skip this part :)


The warez community started to crack the 2600 build as soon as the first build leaked. MS learned a lot of the previuos cracks and changed activation (WPA) drasticly.

Rumor is MS deliberately leaked builds to let it crack so then can learn from the crackers. MS changed The WPA so that my official MSDN key did not work anymore.

The leaked version came from the official beta website containes a evaluation version of XP which has a timebomb after 120 days. MS secretly put unique identifires in the XP-ISO files (CD images) that the official beta testers download. This way MS tries to track down which beta-tester(s) leaks the builds. Appearantly the beta testers were upset that the "warez kiddies" also got the builds. I can tell that there were more builds leaked from Microsoft (deliberately or not) then the builds that were posted officialy once in a while. Maybe MS should put Unique identifiers in there internal builds :)


The version released to the OEM companies (by the helicopters) was the one the warez community was waiting for (no timebomb) and yesterday it leaked from Dell and it was posted on IRC chat networks. The problem was that in this build there was a Bios check so it could only be installed on Dell machines. The check looks in the bios for "Dell" and a "A" for bios revision numbers (Dell bios files allways start with A06 or A04). Amibios tools can change Ami bioses to simulate it is a Dell, soon "they" found out the file which checks the bios and hacked it.

Now there is a version loose which has no timebomb, no bios check and most imposrtant no activation required. This is done by changing the pid string in the setupp.ini and using the leaked corporate key.

So it took 5 days and there is an unlocked XP out on the Internet. It is amazing to watch all the activity in forums newsgroups and especialy IRC. I don't think MS worries too much of it, the "warez kiddies" will allays be there and crack locked software. It is the multiple installations of in single licensed OS that they want too catch. This happens in al lot of small sized companies. OK enough, next please....

There seems to be an XP keygenerator out there that is in fact a virus, when run it deletes files





Well in my last newsletter I announced that IE6 was 99% finished (RTM) build 2530. It turns out to be build 2600. I still think build 2530 was the latest but MS lifted the build number too the winXP build which I think is lifted to a nice round figure 2600.

Anyway it is on the IE download site! and remeber the trick to get the whole version, instead of only the win2k version which I told you for IE55sp2?

It also works for IE6 but now win95 is not supported so the whole package is smaller (47 MB)

This is because win95a/b did not contain ie4 so for a clean win95 to upgrade to ie55 a lot of files are needed.


Get it IE 6 final save it to c:\ie6

"C:\ie6\ie6setup.exe" /c:"ie6wzd.exe /d /s:""#E"  is the command for full download

More instructions:





Microsoft Plus! whent RTM too and yes surprise it leaked.

Plus contains pretty cool add-ons for XP


PLus! Digital Media:  Voice Command for Media Player,

                            MP3 converter (obviously MP3 to WMA, not WMA to MP3)
                            CD Label Maker
                            Speaker Enhancement

                            Personal DJ

                            WMP skins

                            WMP 3d Visualizations


Games                Russian Square


                              HyperBowl (cool 3D bowling!)


Themes                 Aquarium





Screen Savers       Same as the themes, I love the Aquarium one!.

                            Robot Circus

                            Sand Paledium

                            Mercury Pool

                            My Pictures

Some screensavers requires a 16 MB video card!


Wallpapers of the theme are posted in my XP forum



 My XP Forum


The XP forum has doubled its members since the last newsletter! 6400 members!

Subscribe here so you can discuss XP



XP powertoys!


XP powertoys are available these free tools are little gadgets that make Power users life easier.

Most important tool is TweakUI, with this tool you can easily set extra window settings with diggig deep int the registry!.


get XP Powertoys







Don't you hate it when you watch a streamed video you cannot save it? You're on a slow connection? You want the high quality version of the video but you have a 56k modem?

With this tool you can record .asf files these are MS format of streaming media usualy used in broadcast live or on demand.

They are posted on site by shortcuts .asx. post the shortcut in this tool and you can save the asf file and enjoy high quality video offline.


It is free and unsupported no new versions are coming so this is it




Microsoft(R) SQL Server(TM)2000 is best


Sql Server 2000 is choosen to be"the overall winner in the database software category"


"Microsoft SQL Server was overwhelmingly voted No. 1 in the overall database software category by more than 5,000 systems integrators, IT consulting organizations, value-added resellers (VARs), solutions providers and software developers. SQL Server swept all three subcategories -- Best Products/Pricing, Best Support and Best Partnership."


Whole article


IIS new security Tools

source wininformant

Microsoft released a new security tool called IIS Lockdown that lets users quickly secure a Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) 5.0 or Internet Information Server (IIS) 4.0 system. Microsoft also released two other new security tools: Microsoft Personal Security Advisory (MPSA) and HFNetChk.

According to Microsoft, IIS Lockdown offers two modes of operation: express lockdown and advanced lockdown. With one mouse click, users can deploy express mode to configure IIS in the way Microsoft thinks is appropriate for most basic Web servers. In the advanced mode, users can selectively enable the various technologies IIS supports. The advanced mode also provides a way to roll back the most recent IIS lockdown. 

Microsoft said an IIS Lockdown-configured server completely protects the server against intrusions such as the recent Code Red worm and virtually all of the known IIS vulnerabilities--even if users haven't installed the related IIS security patches. Nevertheless, Microsoft recommends that users keep up with the installation of the latest IIS security-related patches.
Messenger news

source Neowin

Anonymous writes "A virus is spreading around the Internet like wildfire. It is called "Jerry" and it affects MSN Messenger. Basically the file hooks up to the MSN executable, running in the background, and offers the people that you chat with a pic (PIC1324(1)(1)(1)(1)(1)(1).exe) which in fact is the virus' installer. The virus is not smart, in that it offers instructions on how to remove it


Messenger Plus!


This is a cool tool that gives you extra features to your messenger, like logging converstations.

Get it here



Microsoft .NETserver LE64bit

source wininformant

Microsoft announced the availability of the pre-release version of its 64-bit Windows .NET Server product called Windows Advanced Server, Limited Edition (LE). Microsoft's first release for the Intel Itanium processor is shipping about 2 months later than originally expected; the Windows XP 64-bit Edition release will follow in late October. The LE version will be available only with new Itanium hardware from PC makers such as Compaq, Dell, Hewlett-Packard (HP), and IBM. Other PC makers--Fujitsu, Hitachi, Mitsubishi, NEC, and Unisys--will begin selling LE-based systems later this year.


Microsoft .NET webby


Microsoft will release a light Windows .NET server specially for webservers with a small price tag, this is and answer too the simple Linux webserver solutions




OK got to go to bed now



Sources used: Microsoft wininformant activewin iexbeta and generaly Internet: IRC, my inbox, messenger



2001 Steven Bink