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OK this is the first newsletter without the use of listbot.

I copied all 2667 email addresses form Listbot and put them in a textfile.

Now Iím writing in MS Word 2002 and will use the mail merge tool to distribute it through my Outlook to my Exchange server which will hopefully deliver it to all of you. I tested it so it should work, but if there is a problem in any way, sorry shit happens and I hope I learn from it, whish me luck,




IE build 2530 is 99% RTM, that means there finished developing ie6 and it will be released on August 15th on the site. They also use this time to make CDís of it.

If there is a major bug discovered in this build it will be fixed and a build 2531 will become RTM. I know you think with MS reputation that build 2530 will have bugs, but I think it wonít be discovered yet so 2530 is the Golden Build of IE6.

Want it now? There is a link on my




Internet Explorer


Another IE release is Service Pack 2 for IE 5.5. This is a must have if you are running IE 55. It has a lot of security fixes and many other bug fixes.

You wonít need any IE4/5/55 preinstalled; it can install ie55sp2 on a clean win95 system. Win2k has ie5 preinstalled.

Since the release of IE4 you have active setup. You download all the components you need. On win2k when you install ie55 it is also an active setup and it only downloads win2k components of the browser. What if you want a complete version for all OSís and burn it to a CD.

Well on win9x systems you can select advanced options during the active setup and choose the OSís you want to download IEx for.

Active setup on win2k/XP systems does not give you this option, but it is possible with a very long command.

Create a folder ie55sp2

Download the ie5setup.exe file to say c:\ie55sp2.

Then use the run command from start menu and type:


"C:\ie55sp2\ie5setup.exe" /c:"ie5wzd.exe /d /s:""#E"


This will download complete IE55sp2, so you can burn that to CD and update all your 32bit Windows systems with the latest browser!


XP Logo


RTM is getting closer for Windows XP. It would be before August 15th but word is getting round that it will be the 2nd half of August. Current build released to testers is 2535.

XP will be in stores on 25th of October unless courts stop that. Iím to tired reading all the articles about MS monopoly problems with the justice department, so I canít inform you exactly why lawyers are trying to stop XP from being released.

OEM partners may have XP on there PCís in shops in September! MS gave them permission to do that before the new OS is shrink-wrapped in the stores.


 My XP Forum


The XP forum I set up has been very successful and has over 3300 members!!!!!

Subscribe here so you can discuss XP and downloads



There is a copy of Windows Media Player 8 build 4472 for Windows2000 floating around the Internet. Look for a copy here

While your at it there are some new MS related videoís to watch.


1 †††††††† A video on Blackcomb (the successor of XP)



2††††††††† A running/jumping/shouting Steve Ballmer !



OK thatís it for now, I have more in my head but I need to get some sleep too.

Next to weeks Iíll be on Holiday!!! Iím going to Corsica and my girlfriend is going to kill me if I even try to walk in an Internet Cafť. So I guess you wonít here form me the coming to weeks.



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