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Bink Newsflash 12

OK the newsletter is very late, but believe me I haven't been on holiday, just been very busy.

That's why this newsletter maybe hold items which are not newsworthy to you cause you read it already somewhere else, but maybe 1 of the 2305 other readers is still interested.


XP Logo RC2 OUT!


Today Windows XP Release Candidate 2 is released. It is build 2526.

This is just 1 build later of the build that leaked yesterday. At this moment MS is updating the download servers: The email to the XP preview subscribers states that they can't download it till July 31!

Maybe the same sort of trick can be done when RC1 was on that serversso that you bypass the login and download the ISO file with a download manager.

For the real betafreaks: leaked XP builds since last newsflash 2509, 2517, 2520, 2525.

.NET server 3505 was released too. It seems Microsoft added 1000 in build numbering.





The activation in Windows has been criticised by many people, when you have a PC with XP installed and you replace some hardware you need to re-activate your Windows XP by calling MS that you bought new hardware but that Windows is on the same PC. Well that is the worst case scenario. I don't know if it would be that strict. Anyway MS has loosened up there re-activation policy, so that only rigorous hardware changes require re-activating. There is even an online petition sign-up to to show Windows users their concern to Microsoft. So sign it here

When XP is installed you need to activate in 2 weeks or your system is blocked (accept in safe mode)

There is a key loose on the Internet that extends this period to 60 days! RK7J8-2PGYQ-P47VV-V6PMB-F6XPQ

Don't know if it will work on the final product.



OEM control on Desktop


Microsoft has soften something else too. The e-icon for Internet Explorer may be removed by OEM partners. In fact they can decide to remove IE and have Netscape as only Browser in the OS.

hmmm that's weird, MS always said that it was impossible to remove IE from Windows. This must have something to do with the out coming of a anti-trust court case stating that MS abused their monopoly position in the OS market.

Compaq is the first to take this opportunity and sold the desktop icon to AOL for Compaq OEM PC's!




Whistler and Blackcomb are 2 mountains in Canada they are also the codename of future OS's at Microsoft.

Windows 95 had codename Chicago, NT4 was Cairo, Windows XP/ .NET server was Whistler.

Blackcomb was supposed to be the successor of Whistler with full .NET integration, but MS can't make the release date of late 2002. So MS will develop an intermediate OS, codename Longhorn.

They already started on it in May. Hmmm, XP is not even out and still has bugs and MS already starts a new OS.

Longhorn is scheduled for late 2002/ early 2003. Blackcomb in 2003/2004

Why does MS release so many OS's in a short period? I don't mind migrating companies every year it keeps the bread on the table, but I think companies do mind, not that they are forced to migrate but Microsoft's marketing machine has a lot of power to push companies.


BTW: Longhorn is a saloon at the foot of the Whistler mountain :)


source: Paul Thurrott


USB 2.0


Microsoft first excluded support for the new USB 2.0 standard in Windows XP, because of slow USB 2 hardware availability and FireWire. The USB convinced Microsoft to rethink their decision. Now MS will support USB 2.0 but only as a separate download it will not be included in WindowsXP out of the box.

The first Beta drivers are out for XP and Win2k. But I guess no-one has USB 2 hardware yet to test it.

More info at MS


WM8 Build 4440 Media Player Ripped


The cool Media Player 8 has been ripped out of WinXP and can now be installed in win2k machines.

It is build 4440.

Get it here 
When installed view this sexy Microsoft add on Office XP. It was posted on the Swiss MS site 2 weeks ago but removed now.


Winzip 8.1 BetaWinzip 8.1 Beta


Winzip released a beta version of winzip. one of the advantages is the new context menu.

Check it out here



 My XP Forum


The XP forum I set up has been successful unfortunately I had to move because listbot had problems.

It is now at MSN communities and has over 1675 members!!!!!

Subscribe here so you can discuss XP and downloads



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