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News Flash 11

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MSN Messenger

This week has been Hell for Instant Messaging users who use the MSN proggie. Users couldn't log in to MSN for at least whole day, when finally online a lot of users lost their buddy list.
I heard they wanted to upgrade the messenger servers for the new 4.0 .NET messenger client, then something went wrong hard disk controller problems. When they tried to restore from backup the engineers encountered backup problems and the restore failed. The rest of the week they tried to restore from older backups. Today the problems are solved.
What most users hated was that MSN did not communicate anything, after 3 days the first "We apologize" messages appeared.
MS said it will add a feature so you can backup your buddy list to your PC.
You will also be able to import buddy-lists from your buddies.
The new version is scheduled next week.
This problem week is not quite promising for the MS .NET where in future MS software many things will be stored "safe" at MS.

Talking about instant messaging...

There is still no Internet wide standard for the IM protocol, It is AOL that is blocking it. So you have ICQ, AOL, MSN, Yahoo, all incompatible.
But now there is Trillian you can merge all your accounts in to 1 buddy list and add IRC Chat channels too! It is still in Beta but works quite well. With the winXP skin enabled it looks really cool.
Check it out

Microsoft Listbot Shutdown

This message is sent using a free service at MS Listbot. Unfortunately this free service will be shut down in August so I need to migrate this newslist to another service. Probably using MSN community services, which is (still) free.
Or maybe if your company will sponsor this list, I can keep it at listbot ;-)
This list has 1700 members and is still growing.....

Windows 2000 Admin TIP

In windows 3.1 and windows 95 peer to peer networks you could easily add a description to your computername in the Microsoft Network properties, so when you browse your network and have detailed view enabled you could easily see what the role of the owner of the computer was.
In NT4 still was still possible but the only way I could do it was by adding the registry: services, lanman....
Now in Windows 2000 you can add descriptions with the GUI but it is somewhat hidden.
Right click "My Computer" and choose "manage", Now the MMC will appear.
Right click "Computer Management" and choose "properties". The first TAB looks familiar but now choose TAB "Network Identification". Here you can add your description.
You can do this for every machine on your network form the same MMC, if you have sufficient rights.
In MMC right click "Computer Management" and choose "connect to other computer" repeat the same steps and you will have better view on your browse list. Note that while browsing you need to set view to "detailed"
In WIndows XP this option is also added to the computer name TAB in the properties of My Computer, where it should have been al along.
Now when you mount network drives (k: \\computername\sharename\ , in XP it will appear in Explorer in format:
K sharename on "computerdiscription (computername)"
in win2k it is
K sharename on "computername"

Windows XP

RC1 is out a week now and people who subscribed to the WinXP preview program could download the ISO file from Microsoft by logging in with their credentials they received after their payment.
A member of my XP discussion forum discovered that you could easily download the same file without logging in! The trick was to change some advanced options in download tools like GetRight. Set the download protocol to "download manager" and Voila you could download RC1 from the high-speed Connexion servers that MS uses for software distribution. This trick was supposed to stay in my forum, but soon it travelled to newsgroups, websites and other forums. It was even mentioned in various news sites and after a couple of days MS found a trick to stop my forums trick.
Also want to hear XP info first? subscribe to it here
Note: This forum has more then 850 members, be prepared to receive about 150 messages a day from this forum in your inbox. I suggest you make an inbox rule so you stay in control.

Windows XP Update

RC1 users, there is an update for the System Restore at Windows Update.

Another build...2509

2 days ago the first post RC1 build leaked to IRC it is build 2509, rumours are it is RC1 + the Windows Update patch but I think they added more then 1 bug fix in 4 builds.

WPA research

Here is some cool info on Windows Product Activation, where people have been worrying about. The worry is that MS said WPA is linked to your hardware, so when you buy a new piece of hardware you need to reactivate your WinXP. Obviously this is done for Anti-Piracy reasons.
It seems not to be such a problem as first thought.
Read it here

Exchange Cluster problem Update

Like I said in previous newsflashes Microsoft has updated it specifications for active/active Exchange Clusters. The SP1 Whitepapers were posted a few days ago. Read my updated article and get the new whitepaper here.
OK that's it
cu next week

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