From: Steven Bink
Sent: donderdag 10 mei 2001 17:34
To: Wortel
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Thanks for registering to my mailing list!
This is the first one so if something goes wrong...shit happens.

Here is a list of updates of my sites

- I updated my Boot-CD page with some NT4 and WinXP stuff.

- New build 2469 of IE6 beta can be found at my site, ie6 page.

- Windows Media Player 8 beta2 was stripped from WinXP, get it at my WinXP site.

- A reghack to enable high quality MP3 recording of CD's is posted.
  but while HQ option is enabled, recording doesn't seem to work. Any idea's?

- A reghack to disable Outlook XP's blocking of "potentially unsafe attachments".

- WinXP links added to my winXP site.

- New PAGE! with MSN messenger Tips (still building it up, but the start is there...)

All though IE6 is still in beta, a lot of visitors of my site already run it! Internet Explorer 6 = 36% Check the statistics of my site (the blue icon on top of my pages)

I am running WinXP 2465 smoothly on 3 systems for 2 weeks now, only problem I found is that it won't format my floppies! Anyone else noticed this? There are more wallpapers added and the Luna theme has somewhat improved.

I'm also testing Advanced Server 2002 Beta2, haven't seem dramatic improvements there yet. One thing is that Terminal Server has new client features. It now supports High Color and Sound. The Active Directory improvemnets will be available in Beta3.

The download links on my pages may have slow throughput, so use tools like getright. I try to add mirrors when I find them.

Well that's it for now. I'll send again when I have new info. In the mean time keep checking!


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