Microsoft Codenames
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Microsoft Windows 95 HomeMicrosoft Windows 98 HomeMicrosoft Windows ME HomeMicrosoft Plus! Home Page
Janus Windows 3.1 Version 3.1
Mobile Windows Slimmed-down Microsoft® Windows for laptops and handheld PCs. Incorporated pen and power-saving technology, circa 1993  
Kato Microsoft Windows for Workgroups (first initiated). Version 3.1
Snowball Windows for Workgroups 3.11 Version 3.11


Windows 95

Version 4.0
Frosting Windows 95 PlusPack!  
Detroit Windows 95 OSR 2 Version 4.0b


Originated as Windows 96. "True Web Integration" technology. Web based shell for Windows. Designed as a new version of Windows but finally available as Internet Explorer 4 "Desktop Update" for Windows 95 and NT and integrated in next versions. (NOT IE4 itself!)

Version 4.0


Windows 98

Version 4.1
Knoxville Short-lived codename for Microsoft® Windows® 95 refresh release ("close to Nashville").  
Neptune Home-consumer Windows product based on Windows 2000. Merged with Odyssey to form Whistler in January 2000. Cancelled
Panther Port of Windows NT Win32 core to run atop Cougar. Project subsequently abandoned in favor of Chicago.  
Jaguar Retail implementation of Cougar (DOS 7.00). Major features included more powerful and consistent command-line options, improved NLS support, Flash Memory Filesystem, etc. Subsequently merged with Cougar and Stimpy (but not Panther) to become Chicago.  
Cougar 32-bit protect-mode MS-DOS kernel. Planned to serve as the kernel for major Windows release (see No Name Cat). Subsequently merged with Jaguar and Stimpy (but not Panther) to become Chicago.  
Millennium Windows ME Version 4.2
Microsoft(R) Windows(R) Embedded
Pegasus Windows CE 1.0 Version 1.0
Venus Windows CE for webTV version 1.0?
Aplollo Windows CE for Auto PC Version 2.01
Gryphon Windows CE 2.0 for palm size PC Version 2.01
Mercury Windows CE for Handeld PC Version 2.0
Alder Windows CE 2.1 (Alder Enhancement Pack) Version 2.1
Axe Embedded Toolkit for 2.0 and 2.1 (Platform builder) Version 2.x
Hermes Windows CE for webphones version 2.11
Jupiter Windows CE for Handheld PC Pro V3 Version 2.11
Wyvern Windows CE for Color Palm PC Version 2.11
Orion Windows CE for Chinese handheld PC Version 2.11
Goldeneye Windows CE for AutoPC version 2.12
Birch Windows CE 2.11 2.12 (Brich Enhancement Pack) also Embedded Toolkit Version 2.11 2.12
Cedar Windows CE 3.0 Version 3.0
Tazz Microsoft Phone  
Galileo Windows CE for H/PC V4 (Handheld PC 2000) version 3.0
Rapier Windows CE for P/PC V2.0 (Pocket PC 2000)
Palm-size PC with a new user interface.
Version 3.0
Chainsaw Windows CE Platform Builder 3.0 Version 3.0
Talisker Windows CE 4.0 (Windows Powered)+ Platform builder 4.0 Version 4.0
Merlin Windows CE 2002 (Pocket PC 2002) Version 4.5
Jameson Windows CE.NET Update (IPv6, SMS, MS Office Viewers) Version 4.1
Stinger Windows CE for Smartphone V1 (Smartphone 2002)  
McKendrick Windows CE for Media2go (Media Center Pocket) Version 4.x
Mira Windows CE for Smart Display Devices Version 4.0
Jupiter, Macallan Windows CE.NET Corporate Edition Version 5.0
Microsoft Windows NT Server HomeMicrosoft Windows NT Workstation HomeWindows 2000 HomeMicrosoft(R) Windows(R) XPWindows Server 2003 Home
NT Platform
Daytona Windows NT 3.5 Version 3.5
SUR (Shell Update Release) "NewShell" Originally a Patch for Windows NT 3,51, in order to implement the new Windows 95 look and feel. Later further technologies were then implemented, which actually were only intended for Cairo . For this reason from " the Patch " Windows NT 4,0 and the remaining technologies of " Cairo " was then shifted on NT 5,0. Version 4.0.1381


Originally Windows NT 4,0, later then a designation of technologies, which were planned partly for NT 4 and/or NT 5.

Impala Windows NT 4.0 Embedded Version 4.0.1381

NT5 (not really a codename)

Windows 2000

Version 5.0.2195
Astroid win2k ServicePack1  
Janus Update to Microsoft® Windows 2000 (NT 5.00) prior to Neptune release. Also known as Windows NT 5.10. Version 5.0
Astroid Windows 2000 Service-Pack 1 Version 5.0.2195
Odyssey Planned succesor of Windows 2000 Cancelled
Whistler Windows XP (Merge of Odyssey & Neptune) Version 5.1.2600
Whistler Server Windows Server 2003 Version 5.2.3700
Bobcat Windows Server 2003 Small Business Edition Version 5.2
Mantis Windows XP Embedded 5.1 Version 5.1.2600
Mars Novell NetWare support for Microsoft® Windows NT®.  
Freestyle Windows XP Media Center Edition Version 5.1
Harmony Windows XP Media Center Edition 1.5  
No codename just Tablet PC Tablet PC Vesion 5.1
Longhorn Succesor of Windows XP (client only) Version 6.0
Blackcomb Succesor of Longhorn (server only?) Version 7.0
Sundown Windows 64 bit  
Idaho Preliminary/alpha version of the next Windows-Longhorn.  
Mesquite Batch Job Management for Microsoft® Windows NT Server/Windows 200x.  
Mir Mercury internal release (codename for Microsoft® Windows NT® Server upgrades of existing Xenix servers).  
OS/2 3.0 Became Windows NT  
Microsoft(R) Internet ExplorerMSDN OnlineWindows Media Home
Aruba Media Platform for Blackcomb  
AirStream Services for wireless connections to Exchange  
Avalanche Internet-Information-Services 5.0 Version 5.0 2195
Avalon 3-Di UI Client application platform built upon .NET Framework, to be available in Longhorn. Think Avalon as a Managed version of the Win API, (not only do you have GDI and GDI+ for graphics, you have the entire api for writing windows programs), the 3d UI is just a very small part of avalon.  
Argo Query-Services for SQL-Server 2000  
Blackbird portable execution platform, java competitor. cancelled, but
likely the basis for .net
Blackbird "Blackbird" was a set of software tools and an editor that made up most of the content authoring software internally used by Microsoft for the development of MSN 2.0. The product we know now today as the "Visual InterDev" component of VisualStudio is/was "Blackbird". The "MSN SDK"  was the pre-release copy of "Blackbird" provided at a MSN DevConference - the CD's had an image of a Lockheed SR-71 on it - hence the "Blackbird" name.  
Blizzard Business oriented Set of Services in .NET My Services  
Basecamp VPN dial-up networking update (PPTP) for win95  
Calais Smart-Card Technologies  
Cascade Windows Active-Directory  
Cayman NetMeeting 3.0 Version 3.01 4.4.3400
Chrome ChromeEffects (GUI-Feature)  
Comet Network-Tools for Windows 2000  
Corona Windows Media-Technologies 9.0 Version 9.0
Coyote Distributed Views for SQL-Server 2000  
Darwin Windows Installer 1.1 Version 1.1
Dart Setup for Oracle, SQL-Server ODBC-driver  
DaVinci Database-Design & Query-Tools  
Denali Active Server Pages Version 1.0
Europa New GUI for the MSN-Community  
Fahrenheit Direct X Version 10.0
Falcon Windows Messaging Queuing Server  
Fusion Technologies for DLL improvements  
Gemini Succesor GUI "Europa" for MSN-Community  
Gibraltar Internet-Information-Server 1.0 Version 3.0 
Green upcomming Microsoft Business Framework (on top on .NET framework 1.x)  
Grizzly Workflow-Designer for SQL-Server 2000  
Hailstorm XML Message Interface  
HardeningPack Internet Explorer Enhanced Security (Windows Server 2003) Version 6.1

Windows NT Terminal Services

Jakarta JAVA-Engine for Internet Explorer 3.0  
Jupiter E-Business-Initiative (In Windows.NET Server 2003) Microsoft BizTalk Server, Microsoft Content Management Server, and Microsoft Commerce Server all in one  
Kagera OLE-DB Provider for ODBC-Data  
K2 Internet-Information-Server 4.0 Version 4.0.1381
Lightning .NET Common Language Runtime (CLR)  
Luna Theme technology for Windows XP  
Luxor OLE-Provider-Services for Yukon  
Magic Carpet Passport-Technologien  
Marvel Microsoft Network (MSN)  
Merlin Microsoft® Internet Explorer for Dreamcast (cancelled circa 1999).  
Murcury DUN 1.2 update for Win95  
Nile OLE-DB  
Oprah Netmeeting Version 1.0
O'hare Microsoft® Internet Explorer 1.00. How you get from Chicago (Windows 95) to the rest of the world.  
Oxygen Short-lived codename for post-Internet Explorer 3.0 product  
Palladium Hardware-Embedded Security (Chip) (Trustworthy Computing)  
Plato OLAP-Server  
Quartz Direct Show  
Rosetta reporting services to go into yukon, next big SQL Server release  
Slate Microsoft Management-Console (MMC) Version 1.0
Steelhead Windows NT Routing & Remote-Access Services (RAS)  
Stinger Windows CE Cellphone-edition (SmartPhone)  
Talisman 3D Graphic- und Multimedia Architecture  
Tensor OLE-DB Extensions for OLAP  
Touchdown Public folders for MS Exchange  
Trustbridge Technology that allows different organizations using the Windows operating system to exchange user identities and interoperate in heterogeneous environments  
Trident Dynamic HTML (DHTML)  


Speech Recognition

Whitehorse A set of integrated graphical design tools that extend and complement Visual Studio .NET. Release 1 of Whitehorse is scheduled to ship in September 2003  


Windows Cluster-Services

Microsoft(R) Exchange ServerMicrosoft(R) SQL Server(TM)Microsoft(R) Host Integration ServerMicrosoft(R) Internet Security and Acceleration Server
Microsoft(R) BizTalk(R) ServerMicrosoft(R) Site ServerMicrosoft(R) Application CenterMicrosoft(R) Commerce Server
Microsoft(R) Content Management ServerMicrosoft(R) Mobile Information ServerMicrosoft(R) Site Server Commerce Edition Microsoft(R) Small Business Server
Microsoft(R) BackOffice(R) ServerMicrosoft(R) Systems Management ServerBackoffice
Osmium Microsoft Exchange Server 5.5 Version 5.5
Platinum Microsoft Exchange 2000 Server Version 6.0.5762.4
Mercury Microsoft Exchange 6.1 (cancelled) version 6.1 (cancelled)
Titanium Microsoft Exchange 2003 Server (Interims) Version 6.5
Magma Embedded Exchange. Microsoft® Exchange core store technology being developed into a storage solution to serve a range of application architectures. Available in three flavors: Enterprise, Departmental, and Clients (Local Store).  
Kodiak Microsoft Exchange 2005 Server Version 7.0
Systems-Management Server
Hermes Microsoft Systems-Management-Server 1.0 Version 1.0
Opal Microsoft Systems-Management-Server 2.0 Version 2.0.1493
Topaz, Emerald Microsoft Systems-Management-Server 2003 Version 2.5.2389
Ruby, Diamond Successor of SMS 2003 Version 3.0
Orca Microsoft SNA-Server 4.0  

SNA-Server ODBC services

Babylon Microsoft Host-Integration-Server 2000 Version 5.0.798
Starfighter Enterprise Managaer SQL-Server Version 6.0
Hydra Microsoft SQL-Server 6.5 Version 6.5

Microsoft SQL-Server 7.0

Version 7.0
Shiloh Microsoft SQL-Server 2000 Version 8.0.534
Yukon Microsoft SQL Server 2002 Version 9.0
Liberty 64Bit-Edition von SQL-Server 2002 Version 9.0
Other Servers
Greenwich Realtime Comunication Server version 1.0
Catapult Microsoft Proxy-Server 2.0 Version 2.0
Comet Microsoft Internet-Security & Acceration Server 2000 Version 3.0.1200.165
Tripoli, Tivoli Microsoft Index-Server Version 1.0
Plutonium Microsoft Commerce-Server 4.0 Version 4.0
Sable Microsoft E-Commerce Server 2001 Version 1.0
Tiger Microsoft Media-Server Version 4.0
Viper Microsoft Transaction-Server 2.0 Version 2.0
Tahoe SharePoint Server 2001 Version 1.0
Thorium Enterprise edition of Microsoft Commerce Server 2002. Version 2003
Latinum/Bizet Microsoft BizTalk-Server 2000 Version 1.0
Voyager Succesor of Biztalk  
Stingray ISA Server 2.0  
Ossa Microsoft® Site Server 2.00. First release of Olympus. Combination of the Normandy technology and Merchant Server 1.10 to form a retail release.  
Normandy Microsoft Commercial Internet System (MCIS)  
Kahiltna Microsoft® Commerce Server 2.00, formerly Merchant Server.  
Matrix SharePoint 2.0  
Fullsail Succesor of HIS  
Microsoft(R) Visual Studio(R) .NETMicrosoft(R) OfficeMicrosoft(R) Visual FoxPro(R)
Applications and Development
Aspen Microsoft Visual Studio 98 Version 5.0
Astro Microsoft DOS 6.0 Version 6.0
Athena Microsoft Outlook Express  
Apollo Project 98  
Cirrus Access 1.0 Version 1.0
Capone Microsoft Mail 4.0 Version 4.0
Freon Sucsessor of X-Box  
Gecko Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 Version 5.0
Metro MSN 2.5  
Texas MSN 8 client  
Mars MSN 7 client  
Mistral MSN 6 client  
NGO (Next Generation Office / Office.NET / Office11 Microsoft Office 2003 Version 11.0
Vegas Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0 Version 6.0.8176
Office10 Microsoft Office.XP Version 10.0
M4 Word 97  
Opus Microsoft Word  Version 1.0
Boston Visual Studio 6 Version 6.0
Rainier Microsoft Visual Studio.NET Version 7.0
Everett Microsoft Visual Studio.NET 2003 Version 7.1
Renard Microsoft Visual FoxPro 4.0 Version 4.0
RoadRunner Microsoft Visual FoxPro 5.0 Version 5.0
Bonzai Visual C++ Version 1.0
Sequoia Visual C++ 2.0 cancelled
Caviar Visual C++ Version 1.5
Barracuda Visual C++ for NT Version 1.52
Dolphin Visual C++ Version 2.0
Sushi Visual C++ (Japanese) Version 2.0
Mickey Serial/ PS2 Consumer Mouse  
Magellan Intellimouse International  
Wings Visual C++ for Mac Version 2.0
Olympus Visual C++ Version 4.0
Jakarta Visual J++ Version 1.0
Vegas Visual J++ Version 6.0
Sedona Microsoft Visual FoxPro 7.0 Version 7.0
Toledo Microsoft Visual FoxPro 8.0  
Taz Microsoft Visual FoxPro 2.0 Version 2.0
Rotor Common Language (CLI)  
Thunder Microsoft Visual Basic  
Watson Microsoft Outlook 2001 for Apple Macintosh Version 8.7
Utopia MS BOB Version 1.0
Memo MS Write for WIndows 3.0  
Whidbey Visual Studio .NET 2004 version 2.0
Ocras Visual Studio .NET 2005  
Scribbler OneNote (Part of Office 2003 System)  
XDocs InfoPath 2003 (Part of Office 2003 system)